What is AI and what are its characteristics?

As part of the predictions of the future of business, the technology company Dell, defined through a study, a series of points and characteristics of artificial intelligence applied to business as part of the predictions and advances for 2030.

According to the company, the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) will take place through the internet of things, cryptocurrencies, and 5G and 6G networks that will boost companies in their marketing models.

But what is AI and what are its characteristics?

It refers to all systems or machines that mimic human behavior and reasoning to perform tasks and improve on the information they collect.

Based on the IBM company, the characteristics of artificial intelligence are based on being self-managed, resilient, measurable, and continuous and evolutionary learning. This leads companies to grow exponentially through the different varieties of AI.

What are the types of Artificial Intelligence?

Businesses should be involved in the different types of systems for the future of their operation and approach with consumers such as:

Limited memory. They are machines that keep memories and data to generate temporary actions based on information obtained previously, but without generating learning.

Theory of mind. They are systems that are capable of understanding that there are people with their own emotions and thoughts.

Self-awareness. They are self-aware mechanisms, they assume in existence and learn based on individual and other experiences.

Reactive machines. They act and react without using memories or experiences as part of their functioning.

Undoubtedly, understanding these types of artificial intelligence serves to understand how a business will work in the future.

Marketing models and the future of companies 

One of the advantages of artificial intelligence is knowing where they will impact, and according to the Dell company, it will be done in the following way:

Autonomous commerce. It refers to the fact that machines will evolve and transactions will be made in a mixed way, both in humans and in robots, for example.

Anticipated production. Through their learning language, it is estimated that 77% of business leaders will be able to predict demand and resource management within five years.

Inclusive opportunities. One of the advantages of artificial intelligence is to provides greater opportunities through the generation of new sources of income.

Today, and according to the AI ​​Readiness Index, made by the Microsoft company, Mexico is in a strong position for adoption and acceleration in AI. Likewise, it ranks as the second country in Latin America that is best prepared to face the impact and applications of artificial intelligence in the economy.

Therefore, if the estimates for the adoption of this technology are met, Microsoft projects that there are possibilities of increasing GDP in the future to levels ranging from 4.6% to about 6.4% by 2030.

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