Is Social Media a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

Today social networks play a very important role in people’s lives as more than 3.48 billion people belong to one.

This is because they have not only made communication easier, but also allow ideas and information to be shared through virtual networks.

These digital platforms have become part of people’s daily lives and not only allow you to interact with other users, but also with organizations, facilitating bilateral business-consumer communication.

Therefore, social networks were also part of the great transformation that Marketing has undergone in recent years. All due to digitization and the need for businesses to be at the forefront

How were social networks created?

SixDegrees is considered by many, the first modern social network, as it allowed having a profile and interacting similarly to how it is done today. However, very few people imagined that social media would have the impact that it does today. 

From there, other social networks were created that were very popular in their time, such as Hi5 and MySpace.

In the same way, it is in the early 2000s that the large social networks that we know today such as Facebook and LinkedIn emerged as ideas. 

So, what are social networks for?

In addition to facilitating the sharing of ideas and information, it allows the exchange of content created by users, photos, videos, among other types of formats.

Thus, the importance of social networks can be seen reflected in the daily use of Internet users, as well as its application to different businesses regardless of their nature. 

What is the importance of social networks for my company?

Although the businesses that have the most online presence are those that belong to the areas of entrepreneurship, beauty, wellness, food and lifestyle, all types of business need to have an online presence.

This is because through it, companies can promote themselves and have more direct communication with their potential consumers. 

This is how social networks have even influenced the purchase decision of users.

People have learned to trust what they read on social networks, the reviews and recommendations of other Internet users. This is a great advantage for companies and businesses, because in this context they found a direct way to communicate with their target audience.

In addition, having an online presence has become so essential for companies, that if they do not have it, they can be defeated by their competition. 

What types of social networks are there?

It is normal that when we talk about social networks the first thing that comes to mind are the most popular ones like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. But there are several types of social networks depending on the niche you belong to and your purpose in that network.

This varies if you plan to use them for personal use or if you want to build a social media marketing strategy.

Social connections

To build online connections and stay in touch with friends and family, the best social networks are: 


Possibly the most popular social network in the world.

Facebook helps users create connections and share information with the people and organizations they want to interact with.

For companies, usually the first step to have an online presence is to open a Facebook profile.

This action is not bad, however, it is necessary to evaluate what is the added value that the platform can offer to your business, and if your ideal audience spends time on it.

Facebook has advantages such as having a user base of more than a billion people . It also offers groups with users belonging to our market niche.

It is a good social network to promote our products, however, we must generate constant content, so having the resources and time to do so is important. 


On Twitter you can share your thoughts in real time.

This is more of an informative social network to the point that it has become a news platform. 

For business, this social network is ideal if you want to manage both promotions and customer service in the same place, since you can have a real-time interaction.

It’s perfect if you don’t have a lot of time or resources to create content. 

Share multimedia content    

Through social networks it is easy to share multimedia content such as photos and videos online.

The most popular sites to do this are Youtube and Instagram.


It allows you to share videos to a large audience and in turn serves as a search engine where you find answers to the questions you are looking for. 

On the other hand, if you are a company, YouTube can help you get a lot of traffic to your website.

It is important to create quality content to encourage user participation and in turn position yourself as an expert in your industry.

In this platform you will get a unique space for interaction and communication that will allow you to reach a global audience.


With more than one billion active users per month, WP Dev Shed claims that Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of the moment.

In it, you can share photos and eye-catching visual content as part of the interaction.

This is why it is considered more of an entertainment network. However, over time it has generated great strength that has allowed it to boost business with its online presence.

Ideally, a company starts with Instagram only if, due to the type of business, it can generate attractive visual content that is easy to share.

It is preferable to use Instagram to YouTube if your idea is to generate short and attractive videos. 


This social network is ideal for you to show your creative skills and share them. You can also find a lot of inspiration for your projects.

In the professional field, companies have shown interest in Pinterest when they want to humanize their company or want to show their products and the entire corporate culture that exists behind it.

In addition, you can find a good market niche even though there are not as many active users as in the aforementioned platforms. 



LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional network, with more than 135 million users.

This network is ideal for making connections with relevant groups in your same professional area. It is also useful to stay ahead and aware of the latest trends related to your professional interest. 

For your business, it is ideal if you want to reach distributors and exporters, that is, if your business is Business to Business, because you can have direct communication with decision makers. 

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