In companies, internet access has multiple advantages, but also some drawbacks that can cause productivity and security problems. A proxy server improves privacy when browsing the web.

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server acts as a mediator between two computer systems. It transmits the requests of a client through the appropriate IP to a destination computer.

This means that there is no direct communication between sender and recipient. A proxy server can act in two ways:

Proxy forwarding (forward proxy): It protects the client network against possible problems that may cause Internet. It is installed between a private network (LAN) and the internet. In this way, the proxy takes care of any request that comes from the LAN, transmitting it as a sender to the destination computer. The response does not go directly to the client but passes through the proxy before reaching the LAN.

Reverse proxy (reverse proxy): In this case, if the target system is protected by a proxy. It is interleaved when accessing from a public network, so the proxy receives the requests, checking the security, and then transmits them if the requirements for it are met.

A proxy is a component of the Firewall that protects computer systems from possible attacks that come from a public network.

Roles of a proxy server

A proxy server has several functions:

Filtering: A proxy installed as an interface between two computer systems can be used to filter the transmission of data, block certain web content or directly reject those requests that are anomalous.

Temporarily caches a copy of the collected data so that when requested, it is delivered directly, thus saving bandwidth.

Control bandwidth and load distribution by distributing resources for clients according to load capacity, preventing applications from blocking bandwidth completely.

A proxy server allows some anonymity as there is no direct connection between sender and recipient.

Types of proxy servers

There are the following types of proxy servers:

Application proxy server:  Analyzes data packets according to certain rules and, by them, modifies, forwards, or blocks them.

Circuit proxy server:  It is used as a Firewall filter module, allowing data to be filtered through ports and IP addresses.

Dedicated proxy:  It is configured for a specific communication protocol.

Generic proxy:  It is used in different communication protocols as it is not a specialized server.

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