Technology is important in any business, SME or large. Our dependence on the advances and updates that take place is absolute so as not to become obsolete. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out adequate computer maintenance in companies.

What is computer maintenance in companies?

Computer maintenance helps all digital equipment work perfectly.

It involves hardware and software and it is both about keeping all devices in good condition and preventing possible problems that may arise in them.

These jobs are normally carried out by a computer company for the reason that it has the specialists to do these tasks with the utmost professionalism, with a service that, on occasions, is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

This is so because any failure in the networks, a virus, a breakdown in computers, etc. can cause serious problems in the form of loss of work or, what is worse, put sensitive data at risk of being hijacked.

There are different types and levels of computer maintenance which we will talk about below.

Types of computer maintenance

We can talk about 3 types of maintenance:

Predictive computer maintenance: It consists of detecting failures or errors before they occur. In this way, it is possible to correct those avoiding damages in the service so that production will not be affected.

Diagnostic tools such as monitoring software are used

Preventive computer maintenance:  In this case, certain technologies are applied in order to minimize the risks of failure. 

One can speak of active preventive maintenance that cleans equipment and components and passive preventive maintenance that takes care of the systems from possible external aggressions.

Corrective computer maintenance:  The objective of this is to correct the failures that have occurred and to know their cause, trying to prevent them from occurring again.

Computer maintenance levels

In this case, we are talking about:

Hardware maintenance: These are tasks that are carried out for the physical components of the system to function properly.

Software maintenance:  Ensures the proper functioning of the software of all devices. It is about that the computers have all the updates of applications, antivirus, etc. so that they minimize the risk of vulnerabilities and problems that affect their security.

Documentation maintenance: For a computer system to function, it is necessary to collect all the information on the technical and operational characteristics of its components. This level of maintenance ensures that documentation is up-to-date and available when needed.

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