The Internet is used today by users, administrations, business organizations … and anyone who enjoys a connection to the network. But this implies that there are risks when navigating through it. Therefore, it is necessary to use a security system such as installing a firewall in the company.

Security and cyber attacks in companies

If an individual must be careful when browsing the Internet,  what can we say when we are in the business world and we handle sensitive information that affects others with the consequent risk of loss or theft of data that affects economically and the reputation of the company Business.

Therefore, improving computer security in the company is something that must be faced from the beginning if we do not want the toll to be paid to be extremely serious.

Operating systems like Windows come standard with a firewall that protects computers from malicious software and attackers that try to connect to the computer remotely.

They also establish rules in the sense of which connections are to be accepted and which are not, thus creating exceptions within the usual behavior of the system.

Advantages offered by a firewall to the company

We have already talked about the importance of security for any user who accesses the internet, if we add the responsibility of being in a company with all that this implies, a series of advantages can be listed having a firewall that improves its protection:

Control information: Who has access and strict confidentiality are managed, for example, in banking transactions and other inquiries about sensitive data.

Invest in security: This means reducing costs by avoiding future problems such as theft of information, passwords, identity theft, etc.

Increased business efficiency: With the integration of security systems, work efficiency is increased, reducing the risk of attacks, thereby achieving a better optimization in time and development of operations.

What does it mean to install an enterprise firewall

We have listed several advantages of installing a business firewall, but let’s see what it is capable of:

Control of transmissions between the interior and exterior: With this, customer data is protected and the company is committed to confidentiality that results in a better reputation, safeguarding its image.

Protection against DDoS attacks that would block the network.

Get support 24 hours a  day.

Prevention through sent reports and equipment monitoring.

Users must identify themselves before accessing the network using their username and password.

But all this must be supported by a  security protocol in which all workers are informed of its operation. Training the people who are part of the company is essential to increase protection, minimizing the risk of computer attacks.

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