A Helpful Homeless Care Package Shopping List

Package Shopping

Package Shopping

Currently, there are over half a million people homeless in the United States. Some of these individuals are living in homeless shelters or transitional housing, meaning that they are not permanently placed and are still considered homeless. Some in this group are completely unhoused and have no shelter to depend on at all from the elements.

Within the homeless community, there are adults and entire families with children that exist all around the country. With that in mind, it is crucial to examine what can be done to help those less fortunate in the current crisis known as homelessness. Supplies covering necessities such as health and hygiene are welcome any day, and with colder weather on the horizon, staying warm is vitally important. Please read below for a homeless care package shopping list to help someone in need in your area.

Bulk Warmth

homeless care package shopping list can quickly be filled when buying bulk items. Consider ordering online from retailers that specialize in bulk inventory, such as warm fleece blankets. Fleece is great because it is warm without being terribly bulky to store. Other popular items that are easily in bulk include winter hats, scarves, gloves, and rain ponchos for inclement weather.

Wholesale Hygiene

Consider purchasing wholesale items and check out bulk items like toothbrushes with toothpaste, razors, feminine hygiene products, and portable-sized lotions and soaps. These items are great for packing into hygiene kits that are easy to carry and take up minimal space.

There are kits available that come with all of the essentials for men, women, and children.

Bags are also available to purchase in large quantities wholesale and are perfect for making hygiene kits should you choose to make your own. Bookbags, drawstring bags, and other toiletry bags are all appreciated and help keep things organized when hauling from place to place.

First Aid Supplies

Life is full of surprises, and being on the move or living in less-than-desirable spaces comes with a new set of challenges every day. Having basic first aid in the form of bandages, first aid cream, and sanitizing wipes could be a literal lifesaver. Think about adding these basics along with other useful items for first aid to your shopping list for the homeless.

Feminine Needs

Feminine hygiene comes with a unique set of challenges for so many women in the world. Please consider making kits, especially for women and young girls, that will support the dignity that all women everywhere deserve. Add feminine hygiene products such as pads and tampons, personal wipes, and feminine cleansing products to your homeless care package shopping list.

Make A Difference

Make a difference today and use the tips above to purchase much-needed items for those less fortunate in your community. With cool weather soon approaching it is essential for unhoused individuals to have access to warm clothing, protective gear, and personal items for health and cleanliness. Consider checking out bulk buying for your homeless care package shopping list.