10 Advantages of Offering Remote Online Notarization

Remote Online Notarization

Remote Online Notarization

Remote online notarization, or RON, has exploded in popularity among professionals in fields as diverse as real estate, mortgage, title, automobile, law, and others since the start of covid-19 lockdowns.

In 2020, the use of RON in real estate closings increased by 547 percent, according to a poll conducted by the American Land Title Association (ALTA), the most influential professional group for employees in the title insurance sector. While most of this work was unavoidable, some of it persists because of online notary services’ growing importance.

Some of the advantages of remote notarization for notaries are listed below:

  1. Convenience

Not only do customers profit from RON’s ease of use, but so do notaries. You no longer have to factor in drive time, gas money, or mileage when calculating how much you’ll be paid to do ordinary notary work or loan signatures. Start a video call with your customer, shake hands virtually, and you’ve just performed a notarial act online.

  1. Cut costs and increase revenue

When doing a remote online notarization, digital documents are used. Loan closings will still need some paperwork, but less paper, printing, and mailing means less waste and more greenbacks in your pocket. These savings may partially or fully cover the preliminary expenditures necessary to allow RON.

Consider factors other than software cost while deciding on a RON platform for your notary firm. It’s common practice for certain businesses to bill clients for notary fees if they fail a KBA. For a RON to be legitimate, a notary must have an electronic seal and digital certificate.

  1. Safety

Many people worry about coronaviruses, particularly in light of discovering new types. By providing remote services, notaries may better protect themselves and their customers.

Some notaries feel more comfortable conducting signing appointments via video call than going to meet strangers. Because they spend less time on the road, notaries are also less likely to be involved in automobile accidents.

  1. Keep your stuff together

RON systems streamline the notary process with electronic journals, scheduling features, and pre-made tag templates. An integrated system facilitates and expedites the process for both the notary and the client.

  1. Save time and improve turnaround times

Most people dread going to the notary. It usually involves taking time out of your day, driving to the notary, waiting in line, and then finally getting your documents notarized. But what if there was a way to save time and improve turnaround times? Remote Online Notarization (RON) is the answer.

With RON, you can save time and improve turnaround times by having your documents notarized online. RON is a convenient and efficient way to get your documents notarized without having to leave your office or home. Plus, RON is available 24/7, so you can get your documents notarized anytime, anywhere.

If you’re looking for a way to save time and improve turnaround times, look no further than Remote Online Notarization.

  1. Appearance won’t be a problem

Even though it’s against the regulations to notarize papers when the signer can’t present before the notary, certain employers or clients may ask you to do so. In such cases, a notary may find himself in great legal difficulties.

A notarial ceremony requires all parties to be present; however, in today’s fast-paced business world, it may be more convenient to conduct the ceremony over the phone. These inquiries are sometimes made out of genuine naivete but often serve more sinister purposes. RON allows notaries to run notarizations over the phone or email without jeopardizing their authenticity for clients who are out of town or otherwise unable to appear in person. Knowing everything about remote notarizations makes it easier to benefit from them.

  1. Gain more customers

Most states need a RON-approved notary to be physically present inside their commissioning state during a notarization; however, the signer may be situated anywhere in the globe. The scope of your prospective clientele is no longer limited by where they live.

You may make more money in less time if you use RON to schedule many appointments throughout the day rather than traveling to customers to do in-person notarizations.

  1. Increased room for professional development

Being a notary public looks great on a résumé, and those with active commissions are more marketable to prospective employers. That you have your RON certification is a plus.

Since many organizations are already allowing workers to do some or all of their job from home, notaries in jurisdictions that have legalized RON will likely experience an increase in revenue from corporations needing expedited remote notarizations. General notaries working for full-time employers or as mobile notary signing agents might benefit from RON.

  1. Apply the power of technology to prevent fraud

Questions and worries about safety are common reactions to new technologies. Providers of RON are committed to going above and beyond statutory ID proofing regulations by facilitating an environment where the identities of all participants are confirmed through multiple channels.

The use of digital certificates in online notarizations increases their credibility. Protection against fraud is multi-layered, including knowledge-based authentication, confirming government-issued identity, and two-factor authentication.

  1. Getting going is simple

Providers of RON make it possible for notaries and other companies to experiment with RON at minimal risk. Notaries who have been accepted may start using the tool by accessing training materials, reading help articles, and requesting demonstrations from our support staff.

The SECURE Notarization Act is being pushed by the title and mortgage industries because of their enthusiasm for RON. With its passage, RON might be made available to customers of notaries all around the nation. Learning more about the technology and preparing for how it may affect your company in the future is a brilliant idea.