7 Best AI Content Creation Tools for Marketers

Best AI Content Creation Tools

Best AI Content Creation Tools

Marketing is an overwhelming job, especially for small businesses. However, generative AI has completely changed the process of marketing. It is the latest advancement of technology. Over half of business owners worldwide believe their productivity will increase using AI in the coming years.

It is estimated that the AI market size is expected to reach $407 billion by 2027. Considering this fact, AI has the most significance in content creation. AI can generate any content in seconds, whether text, images, audio, or videos. AI has automated the process of content creation.

This article describes how AI tools simplify the content creation process for marketers and small businesses.

What are AI Content Creation Tools?

AI tools for creating content are trained to work with large data sets. The learning process accompanying this training involves comprehending the structure of human language, such as grammar and syntax.

Consequently, these tools can forecast the order and flow of words the user enters. AI tool training is programmed to provide solutions to various content creation challenges. They possess a natural aptitude for recognizing particular writing styles and language patterns.

Importance of AI Tools in Marketing

AI tools have transformed business operations due to their ability to automate repetitive tasks. Scheduling, planning, researching, creating, paraphrasing and optimizing content are all made easier with these tools.

The key benefits of AI content creation tools in marketing are highlighted in the following.

  • Develop ideas and content with efficiency.
  • Create personalized content for customers.
  • Improved proficiency in creativity and writing.
  • Generate high-quality content.
  • Better optimization of the content.
  • Add more relevant keywords.
  • Ensures unique and interesting content.

7 AI Content Creation Tools for Marketers

Marketers must create content to attract more people to the product or services. Writing personalized content for each user is hectic and time-consuming. For small businesses, it is costly, too. Content creation tools can assist the marketing team in generating content in a flash.

1. Chat GPT – Writing Assistant

Chat GPT is hyped for its content creation ability. It is based on generative AI and is mostly used for gathering information from the Internet. It has significance in crafting articles and blogs. It made the researching and writing process hassle-free.

Chat GPT can be used as AI assistance for gathering information for marketing purposes. It has made content generation easy. This AI tool can generate essays, articles, coding, visuals, or information. It can help marketers to write better emails or social media posts.

GPT can be used to generate ideas for conducting marketing activities or programs to attract the audience. Since it has a conversational interface, users can ask follow-up questions or edit the prompt accordingly.


  • Understands and comprehends the user’s question.
  • It gathers information from authentic resources.
  • Generated content can be customized.
  • Chat GPT can be trained and personalized according to the preferences.
  • It is a Chabot so that the user can ask back-to-back questions.

2. Jasper – Copywriting

Jasper is a content creation tool like Chat GPT. It is designed to help content creators, marketers, and small businesses craft high-quality content. The marketing team can use Jasper to generate high-quality content for a blog or social media posts.

The best use of Jasper is in copywriting. Using this tool, organizations can create impulsive marketing copies. It helps to write appealing product descriptions for websites. So, crafting perfect-looking content in bulk is easier within a budget.


  • It can attain a specific brand voice.
  • Accurate and consistent tone.
  • Generates effective product descriptions.

3. Paraphrase Tool – Optimizing Content

Two main challenges marketers face are personalizing content and maintaining a writing style. Plagiarized content is also a common concern. All these issues can be tackled by using an AI paraphrase tool.

Personalized content makes the users feel connected. It urges the user to perform a certain action. It can convert the user into a customer. Maintaining a formal tone in the content shows the professionalism of the company. So, both are important parts of the content strategy.

This tool removes plagiarism and adds a specific tone and style to the content. It can be very useful to add a flow to the sentences. Marketers can paraphrase their casual or informal text to generate formal or professional text in no time. This tool will keep the context of the text the same. Text generated by the paraphraser tool is precise, to the point, and unique.

This online rephrasing tool has six modes to paraphrase content for different professionals. Formal mode is quite useful for marketers. It uses the terms specific to the product or the service.


  • This tool is proficient in many languages.
  • Paraphrase sentences and paragraphs up to 250 characters in a single go.
  • No account log-in is required to paraphrase text.
  • Keeps text secure and confidential.
  • AI paraphrasing tool has many integrated tools to assist in writing.

4. Google Trends – Getting Trending Updates

Google Trends is a free tool that offers data about popular research on Google and YouTube. Trends can be explored by using the Trends explore Tool. It groups the relevant data to clarify better what people are searching for.

Google Trends has a great significance for the marketers. It helps them to know what is trending and what topics are searched frequently. It generates data of user interest. Users can access individual search terms with Google Trends.


  • Google Trends shows data in numbered and graphical form.
  • Marketers can extract data according to the location
  • It shows the top searches by users.

5. Grammarly – Error-Free Writing

While writing any content, it is clear that everyone can make spelling or grammar mistakes. The tone of the content needs to be consistent and specific. To remove vagueness, the marketing team can use Grammarly. It detects all spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. It also suggests corrections based on AI.

Grammar mistakes can alter the context of the text. It makes the content ambiguous, which gives a bad impression. It gives the intuition that it is not original. Correct spelling, proper punctuation, and grammar are important for graded assignments.


  • Grammarly gives full-sentence rewrite suggestions.
  • It corrects spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Adds proper punctuation in the text.
  • It has a desktop and Chrome extension to assist in writing online and offline.

6. Canva – For Generating Visuals

Canva is an easy-to-use platform that can create incredible designs without using any complicated software. It can assist marketers and small businesses to create a variety of graphics at a low cost. Canva’s magic Design is powered by AI that requires few editing actions.

Canva can generate posters, banners, and social media content. It has ready-to-use templates for different social media platforms. Using Canva, marketers can edit videos. It has pre-made designs and elements that can be used just by dragging and dropping.


  • People with no graphic knowledge can create graphics using Canva.
  • It is budget-friendly.
  • Canva can generate posts and stories for all social media platforms.
  • It provides pre-made templates and designs to noobs.

7. Copy leaks – AI Detector

Before publishing content on the website, it must be checked for plagiarism and AI content. Google does not appreciate AI-generated content. Copy leaks are an accurate tool for checking plagiarized or artificially generated content.

AI is helpful in planning, writing, and editing content. However, the written content must not be generated solely using AI. However, too much online information makes it difficult to think of a unique text yet to be discussed. To be on the safer side, always check your written text using a tool called Copy Leaks.

Copy Leaks is an algorithm-based tool that highlights AI-generated sentences or paragraphs in the content. It analyzes the text word by word and sentence by sentence to detect AI in the structure or pattern. Copy Leaks has an easy-to-use interface with many tools integrated into it.


  • Copy leaks give 99% accurate results.
  • It can determine if the text is modified or not.
  • The free version allows users to detect AI content without signing up.

Last Words

With efficient and smart AI tools, marketers can automate the work process. These intelligent tools are helping marketers to save time by streamlining the workflow. The marketing team can enhance productivity using the right tools to fit their budget and needs.