Best Countries To Move To From The US

Best Countries To Move To From The US

Best Countries To Move To From The US

Living the American Dream might not cut it for some people, which constitutes one of the primary reasons people choose to move from the United States to other countries. According to statistics, about 5 million people moved from the US to the EU in 2019, and since things have stabilized following the COVID-19 epidemic, the numbers have increased.

Still, Europe is not the top destination for Americans moving abroad either temporarily or permanently. Mexico sits at the top of the list, with the UK, Canada, and Australia making up the top 4. Moreover, most Google searches for destinations to relocate to are for Canada, Spain, and the UK.

Are you planning to move out of the US too? Well, there may be various reasons fueling your decision, but the most important thing will be to consider which countries are the most feasible for you. Here are a few options that offer numerous advantages to relocating Americans:

  • Thailand

Ranked amongst the most popular destinations for people moving from the US to Asia, Thailand is a hub for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and retirees passionate about living closer to nature. Among the many great things about this country, the climate and affordability take the top place. The beautiful country sees ample rainfall and sunny days to create a great mix of atmosphere.

For US citizens, communication is not a problem either since most people on the island speak and understand English. People who meet certain requirements can apply for a 10-year Thailand visa which allows residence in the country without any hassles. Also, a well-developed train network makes commuting across the nation easy and simple.

There are many cities in Thailand that are worth living. For instance, Bangkok, the capital city, is an economic hub and a modern metropolis where many international companies operate. If you want to live somewhere closer to the beach, you can search for opportunities in Koh Phangan, Phuket, or Koh Samui, all of which are mesmerizing places. The food is incredibly delicious, and the costs of living are just a fraction of what they are back home. For instance, rent prices are almost 66% lower than in America, restaurants are 69% cheaper, and groceries are nearly 37% less.

  • Portugal

Portugal is a European nation that is become an immigration hub for American citizens moving abroad. Once again, the country’s relative inexpensiveness is enticing for people struggling with inflation rates in the US. In the case of Portugal, the overall cost of living is 30% less compared to the US, which is extremely affordable for most people.

However, affordability is not the only thing great about moving to Portugal. The country has one of the world’s most efficient healthcare systems and has also been ranked as the 6th safest place globally. Not to mention, even in the EU, Portugal is one of the most inexpensive places to live in terms of food, accommodation, and other living costs.

The government of Portugal offers the Golden Visa program along with the D7 Visa scheme, both of which make relocation much simpler, especially for US citizens. Main cities like the Algarve and Lisbon have English-speaking populations, but you will find fewer of these people in more rural areas, in case you are looking to move to the suburbs of Portugal. Either way, learning Portuguese will improve your living experience and employability.

Make your transition smoother, consider the convenience of car hire from Lisbon airport, offering you easy access to explore the beauty and opportunities of your new Portuguese home.

  • Spain

Featuring on the list of destinations that people most commonly Google about when relocating, Spain is a country where immigration from the US is growing gradually. The thriving city of Barcelona is a hub for people of various interests, and the prospects for employment are also lucrative, with the city becoming a global fashion and tech hub.

If you want to move out of the US permanently, Spain is a great choice for numerous reasons. Firstly, the country has one of the strongest passports in the world, allowing visa-free travel to 190 countries. Secondly, numerous investment opportunities in the country allow you to get a Golden Visa for residence in the country. Spain neighbors Portugal in the European Union and boasts substantially lower living costs than the United States. Rent prices in the country are 49% lower, groceries are 34%, and food is 24% cheaper in comparison. These percentages can collectively translate to considerable savings on a regular basis.

  • Malta

Although this one may surprise you, there has been a trend amongst US citizens, especially retirees and digital nomads, to move to smaller, more magnificent, and more affordable countries around the world. The small island south of Sicily is a rich member of the European Union and has become a magnet for ex-pats, not just from the US.

Malta’s architecture, delectable cuisine, historic landmarks, and natural beauty make it a stunning place to live in. The healthcare and education systems in the country are also some of the most highly rated in the region. The nation is just an all-in-one destination if you want to move somewhere beautiful and affordable.

Malta has a number of permanent residence programs that grant citizenship by investment or a variety of other mediums too. If you have the required funds, acquire a permit to live in the country without any hassles. Most people in the country don’t speak English, which is the only thing you may have a problem with.

  • Montenegro

Last but not least on this list is the small country in the Balkans called Montenegro. Recently, many US citizens have begun moving to this scenic country where a mix of Western and Eastern cultures makes you feel at home. It is just an overall more affordable place to live, with rents being 72% lower than in the US, as are other costs.


Moving out of the US has become a lucrative option recently, especially for people who are already retired or those who make their living digitally. Given the options, you are definitely spoilt for choice as the countries listed above are just of the many destinations that you can explore.