Black caviar recipes: Creative ways to use this delicacy in cooking



Caviar grains are a unique delicacy that is great when eaten alone. However, giving yourself a new taste experience by combining it with other products, such as eggs and caviar, is the basis for many culinary ideas. Surprise your guests, go beyond, and discover new flavors – all this is possible by combining long-known products into a single cocktail.

A combination of eggs and delicacy

Serving caviar with eggs can be varied. It is possible to use not only chicken eggs but also other types of eggs to create a fantastic appetizer. The recipe for such a dish is simple, not requiring much time or special preparation. Eggs should be boiled, cut lengthwise, and take out the yolks. Mix them with mayonnaise, your favorite spices, or herbs. The resulting mass is carefully placed in the egg halves, decorate the top with caviar. You can also add greens. The enthusiastic compliments of the guests are guaranteed.

Eggs and Caviar in Avocado Boat

The avocado is a unique fruit. It is insanely healthy and has a special flavor and texture that allows it to mix with other foods. Tender and buttery notes go well with seafood. It is necessary to peel the fruit, cut it lengthwise, and remove the bone to create a snack that is sure to be remembered by everyone.

Crack an egg into the hole, salt, and pepper it. Next, fry the avocado-boats in a pan using coconut oil. Before serving, it is necessary to garnish the avocado delicacy. This recipe also takes little time, does not require many ingredients, but definitely goes beyond the traditional use of the treat.

Truffled Deviled Eggs with Caviar

Eggs are often used in appetizers. Their shape makes it possible to realize various fantasies. And by adding a new product, one can get unique and unique flavors. For example, truffle oil will be the highlight of a new dish. It is mixed with boiled egg yolks, filled with the resulting mixture, and decorated with delicacy grains. The taster will long remember the fantastic cocktail of flavors.

Foie Gras and Caviar

Like the others, the foie gras and caviar recipe is simple and quick to prepare. However, combining two already solid delicacies will give an unforgettable gastronomic pleasure.

Mango Slaw with Foie Gras and Caviar

This salad should be prepared in advance. Before serving, it should stand for two hours in the refrigerator and marinate. Decorate the dish with caviar and foie gras just before one puts it on the table. For the preparation, it is necessary to cut the cabbage in fine julienne and dice the mango, and for the dressing, take mustard, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, and pepper. Mix it all and put it in the fridge. Serve the salad in portions garnished with slices of liver and caviar from Bester Caviar.

Seared Foie Gras with Caviar

The liver is cut into slices, add salt and pepper to taste, and fry in a pan with a non-stick bottom. Adding oil is unnecessary because the product itself is fatty enough. The liver should be fried on each side for one minute.

The ready slices should be dried on a napkin and garnished before serving with the main product. The exquisite salty flavor of the grains with subtle notes of bitterness perfectly complements the tender, buttery liver.

Caviar with cheese

When combining a delicacy with other foods, it is essential to select those that will harmoniously complement the taste rather than overpower it. One such harmonious combination is caviar with cheese. In addition, it is recommended to combine the delicacy with mild varieties. For example, an appetizer of cream cheese and a delicacy will go well with sparkling wines.

Osetra Karat Amber and Asiago

Italian cheese made of cow’s milk belongs to the hard types. However, its unique flavor characteristics cannot be better combined with amber sturgeon caviar. This combination’s unforgettable bright contrasting taste will highlight the evening table.

Caviar and Cream Cheese Bagel

The specialty of recipes with this treat is the ease of preparation and unique flavors. Take a bagel, spread it with cream cheese, and top it with the main delicacy. A tasty and healthy snack is ready. By the way, you can also use other flour products instead of a bun. Serving caviar with blinis looks spectacular and appetizing. Such rolls are very hearty, so they are suitable for the dinner table. To prepare caviar and blini appetizers, one can only use these ingredients and add cheese, various sauces, and fish.


The main task of appetizers with a delicacy is to accentuate their taste and create a new one. But, unfortunately, additional products drown out the exquisite notes of the main treat. Fortunately, many harmonious combinations allow you to show your imagination and surprise your guests and yourself with new and unique dishes.