Could You Benefit From CBN? Research Shows Considerable Potential



CBD has taken over the health and wellness industry in the past couple of years. As we learn more about cannabis, we discover benefits associated with the other compounds known as cannabinoids. CBN is one of the most promising. While we need more research on all cannabis compounds, there are some reputable studies associated with CBN.

More products featuring cannabinoids other than CBD and THC are emerging. After reading this article, you will know how you can benefit from CBN and other minor cannabinoids.

Health Benefits of Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids haven’t received the scientific attention they deserve because of cannabis prohibition. Research has been limited, and public opinion has only just changed in the past few years. Now that demand is high for cannabinoid products, governments are forced to research cannabinoids like CBD and minor compounds like CBN, CGB, and CBC.

Thankfully, we have a combination of existing scientific studies and anecdotal accounts regarding the most popular cannabinoids. In addition, we currently have significant evidence suggesting that compounds beyond CBD have increased demand for full-spectrum products containing an array of cannabinoids.

In the current market, you can either benefit from other cannabinoids like CBN when using a full spectrum CBD product or buy minor cannabinoid-specific products.

What is CBN Oil?

CBN oil is similar to CBD oil but with CBN as the primary cannabinoid. Like CBD oil, there are options to purchase an isolate, CBN and a carrier, or full-spectrum, where the CBN oil contains other cannabinoids and terpenes. Other dominant products also exist, such as CBN capsules and gummies.

Numerous studies suggest CBN is much more likely to be effective alongside THC. The idea that CBD is better with other cannabinoids is known as the entourage effect and applies to other cannabinoids, especially CBN.

CBN Health Benefits

Most users take CBN to improve sleep or as a sedative. However, CBN benefits also include regulating the immune system and helping relieve pain and inflammation in certain circumstances.

The most common use for CBN includes using it the same way users enjoy CBD sleep gummies. 30-45 minutes before bed, CBN users will take their oil or gummies to help get a proper night’s rest. There is quite a bit of anecdotal evidence to support CBN as a sleep aid, but as with many cannabinoids, we don’t have the research to sufficiently back up the claims. The study most companies refer to is quite outdated and not large enough to use as evidence.

Other studies suggest that CBN can combat pain and found that the combination of CBD and CBN performed better than just CBN. However, the study was done on an animal model and, again, not large enough to reference as substantial evidence.

CBN Cannabinol Effects

CBN has similar effects as CBD but less research and anecdotal evidence to back up the health claims. Not that CBN couldn’t work, but it is up to the user to determine if CBN will work for themselves.

Like CBD, CBN does have the mechanism to produce the notorious cannabis ‘high,’ but some people have reported mildly psychoactive effects. We don’t recommend taking CBN while operating a motor vehicle or if you are doing anything dangerous.

How to Use CBN?

Most people take CBN right before bed. We suggest using CBN oil sublingually or allowing the oil to absorb under your tongue. Take CBN for at least a week to get the best results possible. If possible, try to find full spectrum CBN oil; you will likely see better results with a full array of cannabis compounds.