3 Critical Tips for Beginner Writers Who Don’t Have an Audience Yet

Are you tired of thinking that writing captivating texts is a gift only a select few possess? Let us debunk that myth once and for all. Composing attention-grabbing texts is more of a technical skill than an elusive talent. And here’s the best part – anyone can learn it!

The key to success is simple: write every day and never leave a text unfinished. Consistency is key, and practice makes perfect. But we understand that finding an audience can be daunting for aspiring writers. It can take dozens of texts before people subscribe to your blog and eagerly await your next piece.

writing captivating texts

writing captivating texts

Top 3 tips for beginner writers

You need to create engaging and exciting texts to attract a new audience to your blog, social media page, or thematic website. They should be helpful for the reader and carry a semantic load. The reader should want to enjoy your texts again and again. Not only that, but you must also be an artist and include relevant visuals to make your writing descriptive and impactful. How to do that in the best way?

For starters, focus on tiny things like your page’s fonts, color palettes, and images. Chill out, you don’t have to pick up design skills to come up with visuals. After all, you are too busy crafting well-thought-out texts. All you need is VistaCreate. From the image cropper to background remover to business card maker, this tool will deal with visuals while you are writing masterpieces.

All right, that’s settled. Now, let’s take a closer look at three actionable recommendations for budding writers.

Select your niche

Millions of people google the info they need every day. It could be tips on caring for houseplants, best practices for raising kids at the age of seven, or how to vaccinate a stray cat. Hundreds of sites and niche blogs are devoted to similar topics. Therefore, when you are going to start writing a text, you must decide in advance on the key topic.

As readers, we always need to get the highest quality and expert information. So, choose your theme in advance. It may seem to you that your topic is very narrow and may not be of interest to a large number of people. However, if you really understand it and consider yourself an expert, start writing about it. You will quickly get your audience, which will stabilize over time and grow.

For example, if you consider yourself an expert on Labrador Retrievers, dedicate your blog or website exclusively to this breed. Describe everything about Labradors. For example, puppy and adult dog nutrition, the best methods of training Labradors, dog care, and how to avoid Labrador health problems.

writing captivating texts

writing captivating texts

There are millions of owners of this wonderful breed in the world. Therefore, they will notice your texts and form your permanent audience. However, remember an important nuance. If you write only about Labradors, don’t write about German Shepherds, Rottweilers, or Bulldogs in the same blog. Your target audience is owners of a certain breed.

Write easy-to-read texts

Make your text appealing to a new audience. It is difficult for readers to perceive an avalanche of continuous text. The eye and attention should switch while reading. When the text is easy and interesting to read, all the necessary info is perceived almost 100%. Therefore, write easy-to-read texts. To do this, you need to develop the habit of writing the text as follows:

  • Write short sentences up to 10 words maximum.
  • Break the text into paragraphs of 4-5 sentences.
  • Each paragraph should contain a key idea.
  • Use headings of the first, second, and third levels.
  • Use bulleted lists as often as possible.
  • Provide your text with interesting photos or drawings, depending on the subject of your article.
  • If you have your video on the topic of the article, add it to the text.
  • If you have previously written on a similar topic, insert links to your earlier articles that may also be of interest to readers.

Always post only proofread texts

Many novice authors neglect to proofread and edit their texts. However, readers do not like to read so-called dirty texts. Your article should not contain typos or grammatical, lexical, or punctuation errors. Therefore, novice and professional authors should proofread their posts before publishing. To do this, you can use numerous services for checking texts online. For English texts, Grammarly will be a perfect writing assistant.

post only proofread texts

post only proofread texts


So, what are you waiting for? It is high time that you should start writing on your favorite topics. Always compose your texts enthusiastically. In this case, your audience will see that your information is useful and perfectly organized. Hence, if you use our three critical tips for beginner writers mentioned in this post, you will succeed and make your audience happy. To be successful in writing, just write every day and always bring your texts to an end.