Exploring Branded Signs: A Guide to Their Versatility and Styles

Branded Signs

Branded Signs

Establishing brand recognition is a significant challenge, regardless of whether your business is new or well-established in the community. While digital marketing strategies are important, it is equally crucial to consider traditional advertising methods, including branded signs.

Traditional marketing tools continue to be highly effective in attracting and retaining customers.

Recent studies indicate that over 70% of consumers have chosen to visit a business for the first time solely based on the presence of its signage.

Likewise, approximately 60% of consumers state that a lack of exterior signage would discourage them from entering a business establishment.

Due to these factors, it is essential for business owners to invest in top-notch branded signage that can be utilized both indoors and outdoors. Let’s explore some key advantages of incorporating branded signs into your company’s marketing endeavors.

Branded Signs

Branded signs encompass a diverse range of shapes and sizes, serving various purposes depending on their specific application.

Exterior signage serves as a powerful tool to entice potential customers and guide them to a business’s physical location, effectively enhancing visibility and attracting new patrons. On the other hand, interior signage plays a crucial role within the premises by directing foot traffic, promoting special offers, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

The distinctive characteristic of branded signs lies in their incorporation of a business’s logo and other elements from its branding package, such as customized fonts, color schemes, and engaging graphics. This cohesive representation of the company’s visual identity reinforces brand recognition and conveys a consistent message to the audience.

To familiarize yourself with the variety of branded sign styles available, here is an overview of some of the most popular options in the market.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are tall, freestanding structures typically found near the roadside or in open areas. These signs are designed to capture attention from a distance and are often used to identify shopping centers, business parks, and large commercial complexes.

Pylon signs are known for their height and visibility, making them effective in attracting passing motorists and pedestrians. They can feature a variety of elements, including the business name, logos, and other branding elements. Pylon signs are usually illuminated, ensuring visibility during both day and night.

These signs are often constructed using durable materials like aluminum or steel, making them sturdy and long-lasting. They can be customized to match the overall aesthetics and branding of a business, maintaining a consistent look and feel.

Pylon signs offer businesses a prominent platform for advertising, amplifying their visibility and strengthening brand recognition. Functioning as landmarks, they facilitate customer navigation and establish a strong presence in the surrounding area.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are freestanding structures positioned at the entrance of properties or businesses. With their low-profile design, they exude visual allure while conveying a sense of permanence and credibility.

Unlike pylon signs, monument signs stand closer to the ground and seamlessly blend with the environment. Typically crafted from durable materials like stone, brick, concrete, or metal, they emanate a solid and substantial aesthetic.

Highly customizable, monument signs can integrate various design elements, including business names, logos, addresses, and other branding components. They can be illuminated or non-illuminated, tailored to achieve the desired effect and visibility requirements.

Monument signs serve multiple functions. They leave a lasting impression, offering a professional and inviting entrance to properties or businesses. Moreover, they enhance brand visibility and recognition, acting as distinctive landmarks that aid customers in locating the business effortlessly.

Flex Face Signs

Flex Face signs, also known as flex-face or tension fabric signs, are a type of signage that utilizes a flexible material stretched over a frame or structure. They are commonly used for large-scale outdoor advertising displays, building wraps, and illuminated sign cabinets.

The key feature of Flex Face signs is the flexible fabric material, typically made of PVC or other durable synthetic materials. This material is printed with the desired graphics, text, or images and then stretched tautly over an aluminum frame or structure. The tension created by the frame ensures a smooth and wrinkle-free appearance of the sign’s face.

These signs offer several advantages. First, the flexible material allows for large-format and seamless displays, making them suitable for covering expansive areas or irregularly shaped structures. The lightweight nature of the fabric also makes installation and maintenance easier compared to other rigid sign types.

Flex Face signs often incorporate backlighting or front-lighting techniques, enabling them to be highly visible both during the day and at night. This illumination enhances the visibility and impact of the sign, ensuring it stands out in various lighting conditions.

Another benefit of Flex Face signs is their weather resistance. The flexible fabric material is designed to withstand outdoor elements, including wind, rain, and UV exposure. This durability makes them a reliable choice for long-term outdoor advertising.


In summary, businesses needing custom signs should invest in branded signs because they enhance brand visibility, attract customers, and establish a professional and memorable image. Branded signs act as effective marketing tools, reinforcing brand recognition and attracting potential customers to the business. They create a visual presence that sets the business apart from competitors and helps customers locate and remember the brand. Ultimately, investing in branded signs contributes to increased customer traffic and a stronger brand identity.