How to Find the Best Reception Desk for Your Business

Best Reception Desk

Best Reception Desk

You only get one chance to make a first impression and the reception desk is it for your business. The reception desk is the first point of contact with customers, like a gateway to your company. Your reception area is where potential customers and employees form their first opinion about your business. It should convey professionalism, quality, organization, and positive energy.

Choosing a reception desk is more than just a simple task. Without the right considerations, your reception desk can convey the wrong message. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the best reception desk for your office or business.

Choose the Right Size

The first rule in choosing the right reception desk is to balance it with the size of your reception area. Larger areas will accommodate a larger size reception desk and so on. It’s also important to consider exactly what job duties your receptionist will hold. Will they need storage? Will customers need to complete a digital check-in process?

The answer to these questions will greatly depend on the type of business you have. However, they will also help you choose the right size reception desk. The receptionist will need room to complete their professional duties as they greet incoming guests, potential customers, and possibly even employees.

Shape and Location

When choosing a reception desk, you must consider the location where it will be placed. The location will also help determine the proper shape for your reception desk. The reception desk should always allow your receptionist to face guests and greet them as they arrive. The shape and size of the area will help you choose the right type of reception desk.

For instance, curved reception desks work great for asymmetrical areas where there will be a lot of traffic. They are welcoming and professional, without taking over the area. Hotels tend to choose oversized reception desks for their lobbies. The location and purpose of your reception desk will help you choose the proper size and shape of the desk.

Aesthetics are Important

When choosing the right reception desk for your business, you must also consider aesthetics. The style of your reception desk should create good flow and positive energy in the space. Your reception desk should be professional and efficient while reflecting your brand.

You may need to choose accessories like waiting room chairs, side tables, or filing cabinets. It’s important that the style matches and flows together. Keep this in mind when choosing a reception desk for your business. Be sure that the receptionist desk you choose is functional and stylish.

Choose Your Reception Desk Today

Choosing the right reception desk is paramount to the success of your business. Be sure to choose a functional reception desk that is the right size and shape for your area. Consider the location where it will be placed and ensure it is facing potential guests and customers. You’ll also want to choose an attractive reception desk with great aesthetics that can convey your brand. It should be professional and clean, yet welcoming. Take the time to choose the right reception desk and make a great first impression today.