Long Butterfly Locs: How to Achieve This Glamorous and Versatile Style



Butterfly locs have become one of the most popular protective hairstyles for Black women in recent years. As a style, butterfly locs combine the free-flowing look of goddess locs with the versatility of box braids. The result is a gorgeous, low-maintenance and versatile loc style that looks incredible at any length.

In this article, I’ll share my journey to achieving long, beautiful butterfly locs down to my waist. I’ll provide tips on choosing the right braided wigs for black women, proper installation techniques, maintenance and how to style your locs for different looks. With the right guidance, you too can rock flowing, princess-worthy butterfly locs!

Choosing the Right Butterfly Loc Hair

The hair you choose to start your butterfly locs is crucial for achieving a natural, glamorous look. While you can use your own natural hair, I opted for a pre-looped synthetic braiding hair for several reasons:

It comes pre-sectioned in locs/braids so installation is faster

The curl pattern and texture mimics afro-textured hair exceptionally well

It’s affordable, durable and available in endless colors

Minimal shedding or maintenance compared to human hair

For my butterfly locs, I chose a curl pattern and length that complements my natural hair texture and length goals. A tight coil or kinky curl pattern blends most seamlessly with afro-textured hair. For length, I went with 18 inches so my locs would hit at waist length when installed.

If you’re new to butterfly locs, speak with your stylist about selecting the right curl pattern, length and hair color for your look. High-quality synthetic hair like Sensationnel Butter Braid hair is a great option for achieving natural-looking butterfly locs on a budget.

Proper Installation Techniques

Installing long, beautiful butterfly locs is all about starting with the right technique. I chose the knotless braid wig for installing my locs. This technique involves sectioning the natural hair, then braiding in extensions without knotting or twisting the hair as you braid down.

Some key benefits of the knotless technique are:

It creates seamless blending between your natural hair and the extensions

You don’t have to dip your ends in boiling water which can damage hair

It allows your hair to flow and move naturally with the extensions

There’s less tension and pulling on your scalp for greater comfort

To ensure my locs turned out perfectly, I went to a highly experienced and patient loctician.

Some tips I gave my stylist for the installation process included:

Take your time sectioning my natural hair into squares or triangles

Use small-medium sections of hair not bigger than a half-dollar

Start knotless braids with three-strand braiding near the root for security

Hold extensions taut while braiding to prevent looseness or slippage

Don’t braid too tightly or too loose near the scalp for comfort

Seal my ends properly and dip if needed to prevent unraveling

The install process took around 8-10 hours spaced over two days. Take your time, trust your loctician and it’ll be smooth sailing!

Caring for Your Locs In-Between Installs

One of the biggest perks of butterfly locs is they enable you to rock your style weeks or months between salon visits! But to keep your locs laying fresh and frizz-free in-between installs, proper maintenance is key.

Here are my tips for caring for your locs at home:

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Just like your natural hair, keeping your locs conditioned and hydrated is crucial. I lightly mist my locs once a day with a water and leave-in conditioner mix. Focus on moisturizing the length of your hair, not just the roots.

Gently Massage Your Scalp

Use your fingertips to periodically massage your scalp underneath your locs. This stimulates blood flow, removes any product build-up and helps keep your extensions secure.

Wrap Locs at Night

I tie my hair into a loose ponytail then wrap my hair in a satin scarf or bonnet before bed. This keeps my locs neat, contained and free from friction that can cause frizz.

Focus on Your Roots

During wash days, concentrate shampoo on your exposed roots and lengths rather than the braided portions to avoid over-manipulation. Let your locs air dry or lightly blot with a microfiber towel.

Palm Roll If Needed

If your new growth results in a fuzzy halo around your edges, use the palm roll technique. Twist loc strands tight to your scalp clockwise and counter-clockwise to smooth appearance.

Take Breaks From Styling

Avoid excessive heat styling, tight ponytails or manipulation between installs. Let your edges rest! The better you maintain your locs, the longer they’ll last.

How to Style Versatile, Beautiful Butterfly Locs

One reason I adore butterfly locs is you can create endless quick, chic styles from your install! Here are some of my favorite go-to hairstyles:

The Classic Middle or Side Part

This polished center or side part showcases the beauty of your locs. For sleek styling, apply leave-in conditioner or styling cream and brush locs back. Add hair jewels near your parts or scattered throughout your locs for extra bling!

The Top Knot Bun

Gather your locs atop your head and secure into a top knot bun, leaving a few pieces out to frame your face. This style gives your neck and shoulders a rest while adding a playful, feminine vibe.

The Half-Up, Half-Down Style

Pull the top layer of your locs up into a loose top ponytail or pigtails. Let the remaining length of your locs hang freely down your back. This style works for both casual days and dressing up for a date night.

Faux Locs Updo

If you need your locs out of your face and off your neck, try a faux updo. Twist your locs into big buns or a faux mohawk on top of your head. Use bobby pins to hold in place and complete the style.

The Loose Braid or Twist

For an easy elevated style, simply take small sections of your locs and braid or twist loosely. You’ll get effortless, pretty texture and dimension in your loc’s pattern.

Chunky Butterfly Locs with Braided Wigs

If you want to experiment with super long, chunky butterfly locs momentarily, clip-ins are an awesome temporary option. Braided wigs for black women like butterfly loc crochet hair pieces make it simple to get waist-length locs overnight.

Have your natural locs styled attractively underneath the wig pieces. Then, carefully clip or crochet the pre-looped loc extensions into your own hair. Blend your textures together by gently massaging or palm rolling the extensions into your real locs.

Voila – you can now play with jumbo, blunt-cut butterfly locs, try vivid colors like blue or purple braided wigs or remove the locs in minutes! It’s a fabulous protective style for fast length, volume and versatility.

The Benefits of Long Butterfly Locs

Now that you’ve seen how glamorous long butterfly locs can be, let’s recap some benefits of this versatile protective style:

  1. It’s low tension and comfortable for long wear
  2. You can go months between professional installs
  3. The style is lightweight and free-flowing
  4. Maintenance is simple at home
  5. Length options range from shoulder to waist length
  6. Endless styling versatility from braids to updos
  7. Suitable for all face shapes and hair types
  8. Locs allow you to give your natural hair a break
  9. Fun colors and textures are easy to experiment with

If you’re craving a head-turning, low-commitment style, I cannot recommend butterfly locs enough. With the right techniques and styling, you’ll have everyone asking “Are those your real locs?!” So take the plunge and enjoy the journey to luscious, waist-length butterfly locs. Your inner goddess will thank you.

I hope you found these tips for achieving long, beautiful butterfly locs helpful! This has become my go-to protective style and a confidence booster. Never underestimate the power of versatile goddess locs.

Which style or technique are you most excited to try? What hair type or length are you considering for your butterfly locs? I’d love to hear your thoughts and plans for this gorgeous loc journey! Let your inner creative goddess loose through the magic of butterfly locs.

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Butterfly locs represent true hair versatility – with the right techniques, they can be styled sleek and polished or totally bohemian. Whether you DIY or use wig shortcuts, this goddess loc style allows you to protect your natural hair while unleashing your creativity.

I hope my tips have shown that achieving flowing, beautiful butterfly locs is very attainable. Take your time choosing the right hair and loctician, properly maintain your locs at home, and have fun switching up styles.