Overview of Virtual Numbers — Advantages & Applications in Today’s World



Registrations on the Internet, use of various services and programs – this is exactly what can create difficulties in terms of the need to use a personal phone number that is why it is worth paying attention to virtual numbers. Such contact information is used to receive SMS messages and temporary use during registrations, without revealing your personal data and without feeling inconvenience. And that is why it is worth properly analyzing all the details and familiarizing yourself with the available options.

In this article, we will look at the main reasons why people buy virtual numbers, as well as give recommendations on how to choose and use this service.

What is a virtual phone number?

Virtual numbers are a service that allows you to get a phone number for a limited period of time to receive SMS messages. Such a cell phone number looks like a regular cell phone number, but is not tied to any physical device, location or user. They are usually used to receive SMS, but there are other types of virtual numbers:

  • For calls – good for those who do business in multiple states. You get the code of the desired country, with which the locals will pick up the phone more willingly – the trust in it is higher;
  • Disposable phone number – can be used when creating a new profile, or if you are asked to provide a phone number when registering on a website or messenger;
  • Rent a virtual number – if you need to receive a large number of SMS messages from various sites, applications and other online services, you can rent a phone number for up to 3 months.

How does a virtual number work?

The process of virtual number operation consists of the following steps:

  • The user chooses a provider that provides virtual number service. For example, we can recommend such reputable platforms as SMS-man, Twilio, 2ndline;
  • User selects the validity period, country and service for registration. Then buys a virtual number that can be used to receive SMS messages;
  • When an SMS message arrives on this phone number, it is automatically forwarded and displayed in the user’s personal cabinet;

Why do people use virtual phone numbers?

One of the most common reasons to buy a virtual phone number is to register accounts online. For example, it may be needed in various situations: when registering on dating sites, social networking platforms, banking applications and so on. You can buy a virtual number from specialized online services that offer a wide range of numbers with different functions and features.

Another reason why people buy a virtual number is to maintain privacy. When you use your real number, you run the risk of receiving spam calls, unwanted messages, and revealing your number to scammers. This option allows you to maintain your anonymity and avoid such troubles.

Another important advantage of virtual numbers is geographical independence. This means that you can use your virtual number anywhere in the world, and all messages will be forwarded to your personal account on the website. This is especially useful for businessmen and freelancers who work with clients from different countries.

Also, buying a viral number can be useful for various marketing and advertising campaigns. For example, you can use it to place ads on websites and social media sites, as well as to run ads on Google or Facebook.


A virtual number is an indispensable tool in the daily life of an active user on the Internet, as well as for your business. Evaluate your task and need for such a cloud assistant and choose the right tariff for you.