Planning an Indian Wedding: Tips and Advice for Couples and Families



Preparing for a wedding day always takes a lot of time because you sometimes need to plan the event several weeks in advance. Trying to meet all the deadlines can be a challenge, so try not to forget about ordering the services of an Indian wedding videographer. A checklist for Indian wedding planning will help you complete all the mandatory steps in time.

Where to start planning a celebration

The first steps toward preparation are taken after determining the ideal date for the celebration. At the same time, young couples must consider many factors that influence the choice. To make a realistic plan for preparation, keep in mind a few specifics about setting a date:

  1. Parents’ opinion. Couples’ parents often say that the wedding should occur as soon as possible. If this is your case, consider splitting the wedding into two days. Have the formal marriage in the first place, and postpone the celebration to a later date.
  2. Muharat. Choosing a date with the help of a priest also influences your decision. Consult with a Pandit to determine a suitable date. This way, you can prepare for the event and plan the celebration carefully.
  3. Weather. Weather conditions affect how you feel about the event. A hot season for the event requires additional expenses, and rainy weather will make the Indian wedding in USA not as ideal as you would like it to be.

Planning and booking services on short deadlines make it much more difficult, so it’s worth evaluating your preferences and possible suitable dates. Make sure the celebration will meet your wishes, and plan your time with this in mind.

Choosing a wedding location

Wedding locations are booked as early as possible, especially if the wedding date is set for peak season. The choice of locations is varied, but in this case, it is also worth listening to your inner voice. Which location for the event will resonate perfectly with your soul?

In addition, you have to consider the length of the journey guests will take. Comfortable accommodation for relatives and friends requires no less detailed planning. To choose the best location, keep the following in mind:

  • how far away the airport is;
  • what is the budget for the event;
  • what location is appropriate for a perfect Indian wedding.

Various options will allow you to spend your big day on the ocean or close to your birthplace. An intimate celebration away from the hustle and bustle of the city and a chic celebration in a historic location are just some of the available solutions. So, determine your wishes and conduct a thorough search.

Priorities for the perfect day

Being attentive to the wishes of essential participants in the celebration shows that it’s not just your vision that needs to be considered. The couple’s parents are also involved in the preparations, so their decision is worth considering. If you want to avoid problems while planning an Indian wedding in America, get answers to a few questions:

  • affordable budget;
  • wishes regarding the location;
  • possibilities for creating comfortable conditions;
  • transportation planning;
  • entertainment for guests;
  • creation of a suitable menu.

Discussing the essential components of the celebration will allow you to find a compromise and have a great day with your family. Remember that the wedding reception is your first planning experience together, and the results depend on the attentiveness of everyone involved.

How long does it take to plan a wedding

It is difficult to answer this question. It would be best if you understood what requirements you need to consider for the perfect celebration. Being able to order services in advance will significantly simplify the preparations, and the question of how to plan an Indian wedding will cease to be an inconvenience.

There are several little things to consider to make an accurate plan:

  1. Season. Celebrating in high season can cause certain inconveniences. In this case, it is worth making a reservation for the venue 10 or even 12 months before the scheduled date.
  2. Location. The rain, as well as the stuffiness, can cause problems. To avoid this, add venue preparation (indoor hall, tents, wedding tents) to your plan.
  3. Wishes. Menu choices and catering are left to the last minute, and that’s not always the right thing to do. You need to understand that everything is ready for the wedding and spend the remaining months of preparation in comfort.

This way, planning a wedding can take up to 12 months. Much depends on the number of guests and the wishes of the young family. Use the detailed Indian wedding planning guide to make a clear plan and preparation for the celebration. If you can postpone the wedding for some time, you can better prepare for the big day.

Lack of time affects the results of planning. There is a high risk of being without a cameraman or photographer. For this reason, the search for organizers should be carried out without haste and with due attention.