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A charter school is a public school in the United States that is chartered by one of a variety of state agencies and is independent of the state school system. Charter schools can be found in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. There are over 6,700 charter schools across the country serving over 2 million students, including those enrolled in virtual schools. Charter schools in Orange County offer a wide range of programming for all grade levels.

Spring Charter Schools have programs that will fit every family’s individual needs. Whether your children require a flexible schedule or specific learning programs to suit your child’s unique learning style, charter schools of Orange County can help. From preparing to get into college or to accommodate extensive sports or music commitments, charter schools in Orange County offer a way for every child to receive the best possible education without having to sacrifice their future goals.

Why consider charter schools?

1) Choice: Charter schools give families more choice in their child’s education, including various curriculums and teaching styles. Not every child is the same and education should reflect this. With custom curriculums and schedules, your family will not have to choose a one-size-fits-all approach.

2) Innovation: Charter schools are free from a state-regulated syllabus that applies to traditional public schools, so they can innovate with new approaches to teaching and learning. That means classes and programming can align with exactly what you and your child want out of their education.

3) Quality: Charter schools must meet federal accountability standards for academic performance, financial management and student safety. Plus, with smaller sizes and more curated content, your children will receive a first-rate education as they get more one-on-one attention.

4) Accountability: Charter schools are held to the same standards as traditional education so both children and parents must meet the necessary result requirements. This allows all involved to remain accountable for a child’s education.

What is offered by the chartered schools of Orange County?

Learning Centers: Two days of the week, homeschooled students can participate in a number of workshops and classes available at the Santa Ana Learning Center. This will offer students an opportunity to attend classes they may not have as part of their regular curriculum. Students will have the chance to meet with other charter school attendees and work on projects that incorporate their learnings from home.

Santa Ana Student Center- Quest Academy: This program under Springs Charter Schools allows students to attend during the week in a small but fruitful school environment at Quest Academy. Here, students focus on engaging projects and social skills to help prepare them for the future. Allowing for 5 days on a school campus, this program means that children are able to attend school while still maintaining the benefits of a charter school.

Keys Career and College Prep: primarily led by independent study, students are able to learn at their own cadence. They meet weekly with other students as well as their teachers. There are advanced classes available online for topics such as foreign languages. Students are also able to attend internships as they consider their future careers.

Home Schooling: Homeschooling allows parents to tailor their child’s education to suit his or her needs best. There are no attendance requirements and students may participate in after-school activities at their discretion. Students and parents are able to choose courses that align with long-term goals and interests.

Venture Online: This is a full-service school entirely online. Students can take their classes from anywhere during whatever hours they choose. This is perfect for families who travel or may be away from home for a period of time. Learning styles are tailored to individual students with an understanding that each child is different and unique.

With so many variables these days, it’s hard to imagine having your child in a school setting that doesn’t meet their individual needs. Spring Charter Schools aims to bring the finest education to students with interests and schedules that are more reflective of the real world. With a number of programs that can fit your family’s educational goals, charter schools in Orange County have something for everyone.

Check out the variety of programs offered by Springs Charter Schools of Orange County to find the scheduling and curriculum that best suits your family’s goals and lifestyle. School doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing approach. By opting for an education that works for all involved, it means your children will learn in an environment that is more encouraging and supportive of their needs. Take a look through our programs and decide which option best suits what you and your child want out of their time at school.