Staying Connected With Family When Living Abroad

Staying Connected With Family When Living Abroad

Staying Connected With Family When Living Abroad

If you or someone you love is moving abroad, it can be a difficult transition, especially if you are close or normally do a lot together. While the distance might change the dynamic a little bit, it’s not going to ruin your relationship if you don’t let it. There are plenty of ways to stay in touch with and care for family members who live far away.

Write to Each Other

While it may seem obvious, communication will always help you seem closer. Whether you choose to write letters by hand or take the time to text each other or even email, you are closing the distance gap when you reach out and they respond.

Another option is to create a family group chat so that you can all interact together and keep that family dynamic alive.

Send a Gift

Just because you are far away doesn’t mean you can’t send gifts or a little help if needed. You can easily send a little something to someone far away using apps like Ria Money Transfer. They don’t cost very much and usually are flexible as far as how the recipient receives the payment. Whether it’s a birthday, a pick-me-up, or a little help to cover rent, it shows that you care.

Schedule a Visit

If you have the possibility of visiting them, go for it! It’s always an amazing experience to learn about new places and customs. Or, they may be able to visit you.

Sometimes you may not be able to visit due to work, tight finances, or other circumstances, but that doesn’t mean you can’t schedule a video call to reconnect and talk about whatever you have on your mind.

Send a Package

Anyone would be ecstatic to receive a package of goodies or memories from their family. Consider sending a special object, a favorite food, or a themed box. For example, you can send a code to rent an online movie, packets of microwave popcorn, and some bags of candy, and decorate the inside of the box to look like a popcorn container.

Or, you can send a self-care box with a soft blanket, face masks, a body scrub, bath bombs, candles, foot cream, some chocolate, or anything that may help them to have a relaxing self-care night. The possibilities are endless when it comes to packages.

Keep the Memes Coming

All communication doesn’t have to be serious or even written out. Sending a hilarious meme you came across on social media today will bring a smile to their face and let them know that you were thinking about them.

Show You Care

No matter how you choose to connect, it shows them that you care and that distance isn’t enough to keep you from sending love and happiness to them. While it may take a little more effort than just hanging out together at home or heading to the movies, it will be well worth it and your relationship can grow even stronger despite the distance between you.