The Differentiation Between Blue Switch and Red Switch




When it comes to mechanical keyboards, two popular switch options that often dominate the conversation are the blue switch and the red switch. These switches play a significant role in determining the overall typing experience, gaming performance, and user satisfaction. This article aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the differentiation between blue switch and red switch keyboards. Whether you’re a writer, a programmer, or a gamer, knowing the differences between these switches will help you select the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

The Differentiation Between Blue Switch and Red Switch

Mechanical keyboards with different switch types offer distinct tactile and audible feedback, making each one unique in its own right. Let’s delve into the key differences between blue switch and red switch keyboards.

Blue Switch Keyboards

Blue switches are known for their tactile and clicky feedback, making them a favorite among typists. The main features of blue switch keyboards include:

  1. Tactile Bump: Blue switches have a noticeable tactile bump, providing a satisfying sensation when the key actuates. This bump indicates the key’s actuation point, making it easier for typists to know precisely when a key press registers.
  2. Audible Click: Along with the tactile bump, blue switches produce an audible click sound upon actuation. This auditory feedback can be appealing to some typists, but it might be distracting to others, especially in quiet environments.
  3. Actuation Force: Blue switches generally have a higher actuation force, requiring a bit more pressure to activate a key. This feature can reduce accidental key presses but might lead to finger fatigue during prolonged typing sessions.
  4. Typing Experience: Due to the tactile bump and clicky feedback, blue switches are highly satisfying for typists who prefer a more pronounced response with each key press. Writers, bloggers, and data entry professionals often prefer blue switches for their comfortable typing experience.

Red Switch Keyboards

In contrast, red switches are designed to provide a smooth and linear typing experience, making them popular among gamers. The key characteristics of red switch keyboards are as follows:

  1. Linear Travel: Red switches offer a linear keystroke without any tactile bump. This means the keys move smoothly from top to bottom without providing any resistance, offering a consistent typing experience.
  2. Quiet Operation: Unlike blue switches, red switches are much quieter, making them ideal for shared workspaces or gaming environments where excessive noise could be bothersome.
  3. Light Actuation Force: Red switches require a lighter actuation force, making them highly responsive to gentle keystrokes. This feature is favoured by gamers who need rapid and precise key presses during intense gameplay.
  4. Gaming Performance: The smooth and silent operation of red switches makes them particularly popular among gamers, especially those who play fast-paced action games or require quick double-taps for in-game actions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are blue switches better than red switches for gaming?

A: It depends on your gaming style and preferences. Some gamers prefer the tactile and audible feedback of blue switches, while others find the smooth and quiet operation of red switches more suitable for gaming.

Q: Can I use a blue switch keyboard in a shared workspace?

A: Using a blue switch custom keyboard in a shared workspace might be disruptive due to the audible click it produces. Consider using a red switch keyboard for a quieter experience in shared environments.

Q: Do red switches require less force to press the keys?

A: Yes, red switches have a lighter actuation force, making them more responsive to gentle keystrokes. This feature is beneficial for gamers who require rapid and precise key presses.

Q: Are blue switches suitable for typing long documents?

A: Yes, blue switches are favoured by typists for their tactile bump and satisfying keystroke, making them comfortable for typing long documents.

Q: Can I use a red switch keyboard for typing tasks?

A: Absolutely! While red switches are popular among gamers, they can also be used for typing tasks, especially if you prefer a smooth and linear typing experience.

Q: Which switch is more durable, blue, or red?

A: Both blue and red switches are durable and can withstand millions of keystrokes. The longevity of the switch depends more on the quality of the keyboard and the brand’s manufacturing standards.


When choosing between blue switch and red switch keyboards, consider the primary purpose of the keyboard and your personal preferences. Blue switches offer a satisfying tactile and auditory experience, making them ideal for typists and writers. On the other hand, red switches provide a smooth and quiet operation, making them perfect as a gaming keyboard for gamers and those working in shared environments. Now armed with the knowledge of the differentiation between blue switch and red switch keyboards, you can confidently make the best choice for your needs.