Reasons why you should try Tencent’s Tarisland



The platform for online projects and MMO RPGs is oversaturated, but it is difficult to single out really interesting games with a high number of mechanics, and not just a combat project with bright animations and a minimum number of actions available to players besides quests.

A cross-platform MMO RPG action awaits you, which is built on dungeons, single and group leveling and the concept of PVP for small and large groups without restrictions and requirements.

It’s up to you to decide whether to speed up your leveling and order Tarisland boost, or slowly get levels with friends, alternating PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Getting levels and growth rates

Since the project is still at the initial stage and only recently Tarisland left the active testing stage, there is content in the game, but it is rapidly being supplemented, and while this is happening, the most inveterate farmers may run into limitations in their capabilities.

For example, right now, you can only get level 30, but in the foreseeable future this will change, and the project will receive new play areas, dungeons and equipment.

Leveling and searching for quests

You will explore the Tencent continent, understand the causes of the war between races and factions, and simultaneously complete tasks and study the history of local residents and the most striking events.

Story-related quests will take you to the final levels gradually, but if you want to speed up the process, then you need to look for additional tasks and assignments that the developers have hidden throughout the continent.

This does not mean that you will not see NPCs, you simply will not receive hints on the game map, but local residents who can give you a quest will still receive visual alerts visible from afar.


Like many similar projects, Tarisland uses the concept of mining resources, experience and equipment in dungeons.

They will be available to you a lot and with different types of complexity.

The developers from Tencent have made it so that you can go through dungeons both as part of a small group, and as a full-fledged and powerful squad, which you play and go through the story to participate in PVP.

Most of the equipment is obtained within the dungeons, but you can get it in a similar way.

Dungeons are divided into three types:

  • Normal – easy to pass and are an introductory view, the boss often freezes for a couple of seconds before the next ability.
  • Heroic – more health at the head of the dungeon, more frequent and stronger attacks, more valuable trophies relative to your level and the potential of the combat zone.
  • Epochal – the most valuable type of dungeons, this is where the epochal items of the purple level drop out – of course you can craft them, but given the specifics of the distribution of the craft, often you will have to buy additional items of equipment to complete the set, or craft it yourself.


In Tarisland, a crafting system has been implemented and is actively developing as an alternative to resource extraction through farming and clearing and the ability to equip yourself.

There is a big plus in this approach – you can actively play, grind and use resources to strengthen your hero and develop a skill, for example, blacksmithing.

Of the minuses of crafting, two things can be noted:

  1. You can only master one profession. By choosing blacksmithing, you will not be able to engage in engineering and make mechanisms.
  2. Professions are highly dependent on each other. If you are a tank and need steel armor, you can craft a helmet, shield, greaves, and cuirass, but shoulder pads must be bought or ordered from a leatherworker.


You will have access to characters classic for the MMO RPG world, which you will have to master and set the direction of development. Each hero will have two development branches, but in the future with the release of the update, everything may change.

Consider the heroes, their features and who should play them..


A classic melee fighter who uses the mechanics of normal quick attacks with weapons and his AoE skills to gather enemies into crowds for later destruction.

If you choose the path of attack, then you will receive limits that disperse attacks for a short period of time and various skills to control opponents, including knocking spells and skills and stunning.

The defensive path will allow you to use taunts to keep enemies on you, various skills to increase physical and magical protection, raise a shield and fully block the damage that is sent to him and his allies.


A very similar character in its concept, but with a number of differences.

The barbarian is not only used for solo and AoE attacks, but also imbues his weapons with elemental power to receive bonuses from their use.

For example, when using fire, the target will receive additional burn damage as a periodic effect.

Lightning will diverge on nearby targets and so on.


The concept of an archer who can be in the role of a full-fledged attacking shooter, or an animal summoner and a master of traps and disguises.

You will have more than 6 skills of various directions that will pierce the enemy’s armor, shoot and make you lose speed indicators and just quick skills with AoE effects and single damage.

When summoning a predator, you will have to control it in battle, but the pet itself has high defense rates, so the enemy will have to quickly decide on whom to concentrate their efforts.


A classic character for the MMO RPG world and understandable to everyone.

It has the strongest damage and one of the weakest defense parameters, so a magician who does not keep a distance from enemies quickly becomes prey, but not every enemy even has time to move towards the caster, so the hero is interesting and bright.

You can use the power of the elements and imbue your spells with each of them for different effects.

  • Fire is the subsequent burning effect as a periodic one. Effective in AoE and PVE.
  • Ice – strong slowdown and damage. Ideal in PVP and raids.
  • Lightning Charge – Weakens enemies and deals damage. Ideal in massive PVP and raids.


A fast warrior who uses combinations of his skills to deal fatal blows directly to health, ignoring armor. Inflicts bleeding and poisoning effects, attacks from invisibility and has many dodges from attacks.


A defensive warrior who can take the path of defense or attack.

Defense will allow you to hold on to countless hordes with the help of the power of light and high indicators of protection and self-healing.

The attack will allow you to inflict a series of blows with a hammer and shield at the expense of the power of light and serving the temple.

An attacking tank can also stand on the defensive.