Customized Care: Unlocking the Potential of Compounding Pharmacies in Healthcare



Compounding pharmacies are becoming increasingly popular in Australia and worldwide. They offer an entirely new approach to taking medications. If a patient is intolerant to some drug component that cannot be found in stock or needs another form of medicine, a local compounding pharmacy is ready to help. Let’s look at how effective and safe prescription pharmacies are.

What Is a Compounding Pharmacy?

Everyone is familiar with the work of a traditional pharmacy, selling ready-made commercial drugs to patients. A compounding pharmacy is responsible for creating medications from scratch using customized doses, ingredients, and forms that best meet a patient’s needs. This function has found a response from society since most drugs on the market are produced on a massive scale and may not be suitable for all patients. Some require an individual approach to treatment and prescription.

Are Regular and Compounding Pharmacies the Same?

Both pharmacies are essential and help people. The difference is that you can buy commercial medications in a standard form and dosage in production in a regular pharmacy. A prescription pharmacy can tailor drugs to each individual based on the patient’s needs. You can change the form of the medicine, the composition, and the dosage.

How Can a Compound Pharmacy Help?

Commercial medications are undoubtedly effective. But what do you do if someone is allergic to some component or the child cannot swallow the prescribed preparation, even syrup? It’s good that drug customization has reached Australia. Prescription pharmacies are more knowledgeable and can create complex individual medications nationwide. If you have already used the services of a compounding pharmacy in Sydney, you have appreciated its advantages:

  • Allergies no longer interfere with health — preservatives are often used in medications for storage. A manufacturing pharmacy can make identical medications on-site, from scratch, without preservatives.
  • You can make the drug in any form — this is very important for those who cannot swallow tablets. Your pharmacist may suggest liquids, creams, or tablets (pills) to make taking your medications more straightforward.
  • Several medications can be combined. According to the recipe, some medicines can be combined in different dosages.
  • You can change the taste of the medicine. Would you like a vanilla or chocolate flavor prescription, but they don’t produce it? A compounding pharmacy will give you a taste for any drug.

Compounded Medications Require Prescriptions

You may think pharmacies of this type can mix anything according to your requirements. Remember that you are dealing with medications that should have a positive effect on your health and not harm you in any way. Legal and certified pharmacies must have a proper prescription to provide these medications.

Doctors play an essential role in this process as they point out components needing removal or replacement. Practitioners examine the patient and then can make changes to the prescription to provide the patient with effective treatment. Remember that, unlike drugs included in the ARTG, compounded medications are not monitored for effectiveness and safety, so you should choose a pharmacy responsibly.

Can You Trust a Compounding Pharmacy?

Most people do not have problems taking medications. Compound pharmacies are here to help, ensuring that all patients can receive the proper treatment. Of course, combination drugs are safe, especially if they exclude preservatives, dyes, and other harmful components of conventional medicine. But you can completely trust such treatment if you use the services of a licensed and reputable pharmacy, like Kennedy’s Pharmacy, which works on a prescription and has proven itself well among patients.