Autumn in China

Autumn in China

Autumn in China

Autumn in China is the best season for travelling due to its moderate temperatures and colourful natural sceneries, including golden, red and brown leaves. China’s autumn weather is suitable for various outdoor activities, including biking, climbing and hiking mountains. You can take amazing photos during autumn due to the combination of colourful backgrounds from the colours in the natural environment. Travelling to China in autumn provides beautiful experiences due to the fewer crowds, comfortable weather and attractive autumn foliage.

Places to Visit in Autumn in China

  • Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve

One of China’s popular places to visit during autumn is Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve in Western Sichuan Province. The Yading nature reserve is called the last pure land on earth. It’s a spectacular place with crystal clear lakes, snow-capped mountains, colourful forests and vast grasslands. You can tour this nature reserve starting from Chengdu, passing through Xinduqiao, a spectacular Tibetan town famous for its colourful plateau pasture view, before arriving at Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve.

  • World heritage sites in Beijing

Beijing is one of the most lively cities in China and is typically the number one destination for first-timers. A foreign teacher that has an opportunity to teach English in Beijing will be amazed by plenty of cultural wonders preserved in the city, including the great wall, summer palace for royal families, forbidden city full of imperial stories, twisting hutong alleyways and museums. When visiting Beijing during the autumn season, you will view the ginkgo tree leaves, red walls in the Forbidden City, and the red leaves of Xiangshan Park.

  • Longji Terraced Fields in Guilin

Sailing from Guilin to Yangshuo along the Li river is one of the best ways to enjoy the Guilin landscape. The motor-driven and cruise boats are available to make it an enjoyable experience. The Longji Terraced Fields provide a breathtaking view of the colourful tree leaves and rice fields changing colour, with red maple leaves and yellow ginkgo leaves. If you acquired a teaching job to teach English in Shanghai, you could visit Yangshuo countryside to get close to nature in south China. Cycling leisurely along the fruit orchards, rice paddies, tranquil villages, and karst hills will offer you incredible insights into China’s rural life.

  • Ejina Populus Euphrates Forest

Ejina is a small city situated in inner Mongolia. Many visitors like to visit Ejina in autumn due to the spectacular golden Euphrates poplar leaves, vast deserts with camels and boundless grasslands with running sheep. Ejina Populus Euphrates Forest is one of the three Populus Euphrates forests in the world, covering a massive area of 3800 square kilometres. Various trees in the forests turn yellow and golden in late September. The spectacular colours of the forest, vast desert and blue sky attract many photographers and travellers to Ejina.

China Autumn Travel Special Precautions

  • Visitors travelling to China during the autumn season should have warm clothes to keep away from fever and cold. This is due to China’s noticeable difference between day and night during autumn.
  • Visitors should choose the best time to visit China. Travelling in China during the national holiday to visit some popular destinations is not highly encouraged due to the high number of tourists and high accommodation and travelling costs. If you cannot change your travelling plan during this period, booking a hotel and flight tickets in advance is advisable.
  • During autumn, it’s advisable to prepare sunscreen products to protect you from the strong sunlight.
  • Another precaution is avoiding wearing high-heeled or leather shoes when hiking or climbing mountains.

It’s a rewarding experience to travel to most of the destinations in China. You will have to select a destination according to your interests. Beijing, Shanxi, and Xian will allow you to explore China’s culture and history, while Kansa, Wuyuan and western Sichuan will offer you colourful autumn views and sights. There are plenty of destinations to visit in China during autumn that will suit your tastes and preferences.