Pros and Cons of Smart Phones

Smart Phones

Smart Phones

Modern smartphones have revolutionized the world of electrical engineering. Compared to push-button mobile phones that were in use 10 years ago, the differences are staggering. In the new devices, the set of functions is much wider, there is more physical and RAM, the data transfer speed is faster, and the screen and camera resolution is higher.

Smart portable devices are the future. But the complications of gadget filling, the race for image quality, and other improvements that create advantages so valuable for the consumer also cause some disadvantages.

Given the countless number of smartphone models that enter the market every year, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a balance, that is, to choose a smartphone that has absorbed all the advantages of flagship phones, but at the same time did not inherit their disadvantages …

Advantages and criteria for choosing modern smartphones

Nowadays it is even scary to imagine modern life without a smartphone. This little thing gives us so many possibilities in all aspects of our existence. It is no longer only a means of mobile communication, but also an opportunity to work and have fun. Of course, many applications require the Internet, but even without it, you can listen to music, watch movies, read books, take pictures. If you have access to the Internet, then you can visit social networks and various sites.

Each well-known manufacturer of mobile equipment offers its line of devices at a very different price and with different functionality, so anyone, regardless of their financial situation, can buy a corresponding gadget. If you choose an LJ smartphone, then it is perfect for most tasks, but if this model has a low-power battery, then it will quickly discharge, especially when connected to the Internet, and you can be left without connection at the most inopportune moment. The presence of a mobile charger will save the day, but you will also have to carry it with you. An important parameter is the amount of internal memory, but even here an additional memory card of at least 34GB will help out.

The first thing that many consumers pay attention to when buying a smartphone is multimedia capabilities. To achieve a complete immersion when watching video content, it is recommended to choose a device with a widescreen (5 inches or more), high-quality matrix (IPS, AMOLED), and high resolution (Full HD). This combination will provide a detailed picture with realistic color reproduction.

The processor and RAM are characteristics that are equally important when choosing a smartphone. Modern models are equipped with 4- or 8-core processors and at least 2 GB of RAM. They can solve several problems in parallel without slowing down the speed and reproduce complex graphical figures in games. The most reliable and popular processors are made by the following Pros and cons of modern smartphone manufacturers:

  • GeForce ULP
  • PowerVR
  • Adreno
  • Mali

Flagship smartphones come with 4,000mAh or larger batteries. If the gadget has a good screen and matrix, but a weak battery, there is no point in buying it: you will have to charge it every half day.

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The competitive environment encourages smartphone companies to release modified models annually, increasing the screen diagonal and improving the filling. The use of a large number of microcircuits increases the cost of portable equipment and complicates repairs.

Another disadvantage is a direct consequence of large displays. If old push-button phones could be used for cracking nuts, then the fragile screen of a modern gadget can shatter when dropped from a small height.

There are films designed to protect glass from damage, but they do not save in all cases. In addition, large smartphones are inconvenient to hold in hands, which cannot be said about old push-button devices.

Despite these shortcomings, the demand for “smart” phones is growing every year, and therefore online stores do not stop presenting improved models. And this is not strange, because a modern smartphone simplifies life, optimizes communication with friends and colleagues, and helps pass the time while waiting.

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