How to Analyze Your Facebook Post Likes and Improve Your Content Strategy



Facebook is a genuine and effective way to become famous and promote your brand publicly. It is not a matter to create and just post the information on your Facebook profile page. While it requires engagement from the people to get involved with your content. For such a process, it is good to examine the workflow on your Facebook page. Here, we will discuss effective ways to analyze your Facebook post likes as well as prominent strategies to improve your content on social media platforms. 

Importance of Facebook Post Analysis Method

As we stated above, only posting data on social media accounts will not help you to reach success. You should work on analyzing the content to discover more viewers on your Facebook Page. 

  • Observe the points when your audience is coming to life and seeing your posts.
  • At the time of seeing posts, you should observe the engagements to be seen on your content.
  • If you are seeing a good number of likes on specific content, then try to follow the sequence in posting similar topics. This can help you with more engagement as well as followers in a small span of time.

After analyzing the different tactics and measures, you can engage your audience with your content and learn about Facebook marketing strategies. Technologies keep on changing or updating rapidly to launch some new features or remove vulnerabilities from the application. Therefore, it is important to keep ourselves updated in any circumstances to reach out to the market trends. 

Analyze your Facebook Content Using – Facebook Analytics

Have you used this free tool called “Facebook Analytics?” In case you have not used this free tool then follow the below guided steps which will guide you in analyzing your FB post likes. The tool is programmed based on insights carrying information from over 2 billion users who are using Facebook. 

With the help of such user information, Facebook decides to display its content to people who have similar interests. Thus, it is a great platform for business promotion and growth in a shorter span of time. Let us learn how to analyze Facebook post likes and collect the appropriate information. 

Location of Facebook Post Data – How Facebook Insights is Beneficial?

If you are willing to collect the appropriate information and analytics for the data posted on your Facebook application, then try to understand the workflow of “Facebook Insights.” With the help of Facebook insights, one can easily improve their working strategy like creating the content, when to post, how to choose a niche of content, audience, and much more. Therefore, at first, we should know from where we can get this important information. 


  • When you open your Facebook page, you will be able to see “Audience Insights.” Try to click on this option available at the top menu bar.
  • Click on the Overview tab and then try to export the information with the “Export Data” option.
  • In the next screen, you will be able to see 3 data types. Now, try to click on the Post data option.
  • The Facebook user should choose any of the layouts like post reach, legacy layout, post engagement, legacy layout with vital, and PTAT.

Facebook Metrics – How to improve your content strategy?

Can you check the unique number of users who have seen your Facebook post in their respective news feeds? If not, then try to understand Facebook metrics. This can solve numerous doubts and helps to improve your content strategy. 

  • Reach and views are the two important aspects that can help you to gain more engagements as well as followers.
  • As a Facebook content creator, you should work on enhancing both these metrics.
  • Once the graph of reachability is increased, automatically many customers will be able to see your desired content.

 The Facebook post-analysis process is simple to check by keeping an eye on the number of likes, shares, comments, and clicks on the Facebook post. 

How does an individual start an engagement on Facebook Post?

It is a simple way to get engaged with Facebook Posts. Like, if an individual has posted any content related to fitness, the Facebook application will read the content as per its algorithm and try to reach users who have similar interest. When the viewers will start watching the posts and find them useful. They will show some reaction by liking the post, commenting on it, or even sharing it on their personal news feed. In this way, your post will reach out to many viewers and help to improve the content that needs to be posted in the coming future. 

Improve Your Content Strategy

  • Set an aim – It is important to set an aim and niche in which you wish to create content and become popular.
  • Utilize the analytics program – Social media managers can help you to understand your faults and how to improve the content to reach more users.
  • Content planning – Try to organize the information as well as content to understand the drawbacks done in your past so as to overcome and create better content in the future.
  • Promotion and distribution of content – It is good to promote your brand and distribute to other social media influencers to reach out to more people. In this manner, more viewers can see the content and try to join hands with your business.
  • Communication – Always try to communicate with your audience by replying to them back through comments. This can help to create a fruitful bond between you and your viewer.

A lot of individuals are trying their luck to become successful on social media platforms which is quite difficult if you do not follow and understand the Facebook algorithm and its tactics. Still, do not panic as you can get all your answers from BuyQualityLikes. It is an authentic and genuine platform that delivers guaranteed solutions to reach more viewers as well as enhance engagement. As a Facebook user, you will see tremendous growth on your profile page, and understand the ways to create effective and appropriate content.