Autonomous cars: a technology on the rise

Technological advances are revolutionizing all sectors and the automotive industry is no exception. Research has already advanced rapidly for several years to develop an autonomous car. Many automakers have embarked on this adventure and some already offer prototypes (notably Tesla, NIO, BMW, Mercedes, etc.).

By the way, what is an autonomous car?

An autonomous car is a vehicle capable of driving on an open road without the intervention of a driver.

The term autonomous car is used both to refer to a fully autonomous car and a semi-autonomous car, that is, equipped with various driving assistance systems or automated driving systems under the surveillance of the driver.

Starting from the union between robotics and artificial intelligence, the objective of this development is to build vehicles that can circulate in traffic, in all situations, without human intervention.

How does an autonomous car work?

The operating model of an autonomous car is relatively straightforward, as it is based on technology.

Indeed, the cars are equipped with laser sensors, radars, and cameras that allow it to model the space in which it is in 3D and, thanks to shape recognition; it locates all the elements present to be able to guide itself in compliance with the Highway Code.

All the car data checks from these digital sensors are processed by artificial intelligence processors and the programs and maneuvers and actions are performed through servo control over the different functions of the car such as braking, acceleration, braking, etc.

The advantages of the autonomous car

The advent of the autonomous car will indeed constitute a great change in consumption patterns.

The development of autonomous vehicles will thus allow:

Reduction of traffic accidents due to computerization of systems;

Greater fluidity in road traffic, using communication between vehicles;

Reduction in the number of traffic offenses;

Reduction of traffic jams;

Facilitation of movement (even when not driving);

Greater respect for the environment, with less pollution, etc.

When will we use autonomous cars?

Most automakers such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault, Tesla, and Toyota have developed a project to put an autonomous car into circulation.

Most of these manufacturers have promised to launch their models at the end of this year 2020. Thus, unlike the United States where five states have authorized the circulation of autonomous cars on open roads, in France, this circulation would be authorized from 2020 for level.

Despite the rapid development of technology, legislation must also evolve to take into account this driving model and give the autonomous car a legal personality to facilitate and regulate its use. Either way, the autonomous car is coming very soon!

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