Bio metric technology is in full development.

It is about identifying the physical properties of people or behaviors. Biometric sensors are a real revolution when it comes to security. 

What are biometric sensors 

It is becoming increasingly difficult to compete with biometric technology on security issues. Passwords, PINs, magnetic cards, and other protection systems are not as reliable as examininga person’s physical features for one obvious reason: They are very difficult to forge. 

For this, biometric sensors that can detect fingerprints, DNA, voice, iris of the eye, or the vascular system serve as identification and authentication systems. 

A biometric sensor transforms a person’s physical features into electrical signals. In this way, it measures factors such as light, temperature, and other energy stimuli to identify the user in a security system. 

Types of biometric sensors 

We can talk about two types of biometric sensors: 

  • Physiological biometry: Measures recognition of the face, eye iris, fingerprint, hand width, and DNA. 

Fingerprints are formed by the grooves between the skin of the fingers and are unique for each individual. Today many smart phones support this identification system for the owner of the mobile. 

 Regarding the entrance to offices, administration buildings, etc. Biometric sensors have been imposed to prevent any type of security fraud. 

  • Behavioral biometrics: In this case, what is used is the recognition of signature, voice, or the speed of the keystroke. 

For example, in the recognition of signatures, the biometric sensor assesses different factors, such as applied pressure, curves, manual physical activity at the time of stamping the signature, and even speed. 

As we can see, biometric sensors are very useful for data protection to achieve maximum security in industrial and office buildings. 

Big Data is the basis of a modern security system 

Big Data is the tool used for biometric recognition; this is what happens in the case of facial recognition, for example. 

Everything is based on the use of algorithms, AI, or Machine Learning, which can only be done through Big Data. 

And, although these applications are used within the field of security, it can be said that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, their use is spreading to other fields such as teaching, due to the virtual presence of many students, imposed by the restrictions imposed.

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