The Development of Human Capital with Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, the evolution of artificial intelligence has become increasingly involved in the development of human capital, because according to the Deloitte company, it became highly relevant in organizations of all sectors in matters of automation and in the focus of efforts. Likewise, it is estimated that their involvement will generate a large number of jobs in the coming years.

Benefits of artificial intelligence in human resources

According to a study by the Mercer company, it is estimated that 80% of companies are implementing artificial intelligence in human capital processes . This generates a series of short, medium and long-term benefits for companies, some of these are:

  • Organizations now implement cloud-based human resource systems, which means the integration of human capital development with platforms that incorporate technology and interface to know data and interpret it for better decision-making. Therefore, it brings with it the simplification and personalization of the work experience.
  • The foregoing also implies that companies that use artificial intelligence in their human resources department will be able to be more efficient and productive by being able to attract the appropriate and specialized talent for the present and future needs of their different areas.
  • Other examples of artificial intelligence applied to the human capital of organizations are self-learning management systems that seek points of confluence to deliver reports and analysis regarding productivity and improvement of the work of employees.
  • Likewise, the evolution of artificial intelligence through the internet of things, among other technologies, will facilitate internal processes in highly specialized jobs. Such is the case of companies dedicated to the banking sector, in order to free employees from tasks that require greater precision and thus focus on results-based strategies for companies.

What is the future of human capital? 

According to Deloitte, the workforce will undergo a series of changes such as going from jobs to super jobs, new jobs and areas of growth that will also be related to new technologies. Likewise, the improvement of the human resources area and its examples of artificial intelligence based on cognitive computing and robotics.

This in order to improve employee self-service and identify risks such as abandonment to the organization, automatic recommendation and learning of applicants and experts for hiring personnel . In addition to participating in performance processes, improving salary gaps and providing greater opportunities to workers.

Although there is still a long way to go for Mexico to enjoy the benefits of artificial intelligence in human capital in organizations, future predictions are positive and its growth is estimated to be significant.

For example, in one study, Microsoft estimates that if artificial intelligence technologies are implemented properly in the coming years, productivity and the demand for more skilled workers would increase.

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