Benefits of Mock Test In Government Exam



Before we delve into the Benefits of Mock Tests in detail, let us see what mock tests are and what exactly we mean by it.

Mock Tests can ideally be called by many names, such as trial run, speed test, practice test, run through or rehearsal. Mock test has many names but it is like a test or exam, it is like a final exam, for which you are given a limited time, just like a limited time is available in an exam.


In line with the saying “practice makes a man perfect,” mock tests are practiced for the final examination. Giving multiple mock tests gives you a lot of practice. Practice builds confidence and confidence empowers you.

When you practice, you avoid mistakes that can cost you in the final performance. Louis Armstrong, the famous American singer has vouched for exercise and has been quoted as saying “If I don’t practice for a day, I know. If I don’t practice for two days, the critics And if I don’t practice for three days, the public knows it.

Practice is good in every field, be it education, sports, music, drama or any other field. When we talk about education especially, mock tests are the best practice for the students.

The more mock tests you attempt, the more prepared you will be to take your final exam. You get better at it as you attempt mock tests. It acts as a big motivating factor for the students.

Time Management

Time management during mock tests is an important skill to crack the real exam. Here are some tips to manage your time effectively during mock tests:

  • Set a timer for each section of the test. This will help you keep track of how much time you have left and ensure that you do not spend too much time on one section.
  • Prioritize questions. Start with easy questions and then move on to more difficult questions. This will help you to maximize your score and not get stuck on difficult questions.
  • Practice time management. Take mock tests regularly to get used to the time crunch and improve your time management skills.

Relieves that Extra Pressure

  • It is a known fact that writing the exam can be challenging and difficult. Apart from the pressure of memorizing the subject matter, examinations create stressful moments for the students.
  • At times, students appearing for exams may go through severe jitters and nervousness. Some students are unable to perform to their full potential under this pressure.
  • Mock tests are a good way to get rid of this nervousness. This is one of the ways in which mock tests help the students. Mock tests provide an environment similar to the final exam, but in the true sense it is not really the final exam. Attempting multiple mock tests gives the students an idea of the final exam environment.
  • It helps the students to feel the same pressure that they might feel while writing the actual exam. The difference is that it is not the final paper.
  • Hence, solving multiple mock tests can help students get used to the exam environment and get rid of the factors that trigger their nervousness.


  • Mock tests are performance indicators. It means to say that through mock tests, students can estimate their progress. Mock tests act as a progress chart for a student.
  • A progress chart can be defined as a graphical representation of progress in a particular area. In education, it can mean that a student makes progress in a particular subject.
  • Mock Tests show you how your performance in attempting one mock test has progressed to the next. Before the final exam, each mock test attempted should be an improvement from the previous mock test.
  • Online mock tests provide instant results as compared to waiting for the results in the final exam. Online mock tests are evaluated by software which gives quick and instant results.

 Know your Exam Pattern

  • You may ask what is the purpose of a mock test? Well, one, it introduces you to the pattern, syllabus and form of the question paper. Mock tests are basically samples or samples of final exam question papers.
  • Many teachers set mock tests for the students by referring to previous years’ question papers and model question papers.
  • These questions, set by the teachers, are in the exact format of the final exam question papers. By taking mock tests, you get an idea of the format of the paper.
  • For example, how many questions need to be attempted, the number of questions in each section and/or the marks allotted to different types of questions. With this information, you can be well prepared and ready to take the final exam.
  • It basically gives you an idea what to expect on the actual date of the exam. There are mock exam practice papers in many online portals and books in the library.
  • These practice papers contain set questions in the same format as the final exam with a stipulated time limit. It is advised to attempt these mock exams to get the feel of the actual exam.