IB Schools in Beijing

school program

school program

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a highly recognized school program focusing on a comprehensive learning approach, intercultural understanding, and academic excellence. The curriculum includes programs that teach learners to think critically and rigorous subject exams. The IB aims to offer an efficient and comprehensive education program that will enable students to become responsible participants in society and build a better world through cross-cultural communication, respect and understanding. The IB school program is popular in Beijing among expat families seeking an international and well-rounded education for their children.

Benefits of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

  • Focus on real-world situations

The International Baccalaureate programme offers an educational structure and framework that is balanced, broad, connected and conceptual. It’s an efficient programme that encourages students to develop analytical and critical skills to help them apply in real-life situations. The IB learning programme allows students to understand the importance of what they are learning while linking the vital concepts in class to real-world situations.

  • A comprehensive approach to education

The IB curriculum enhances focus on the total view of education and learning. This curriculum focuses on the core competencies such as language skills and mathematics. However, it ensures that students can develop their soft skills and recognize their abilities and talent while developing empathy, problem-solving and an international mindset.

  • Internationally recognized

The IB program is highly recognized internationally in universities and higher learning institutions since it provides a comprehensive approach to learning and education. It encourages and develops students’ understanding of languages, real-world concepts and awareness of cultures. It’s a program that explores globally significant issues and ideas to prepare learners to be responsible, active members of a global society.

Best IB Schools in Beijing

Beijing is one of the developed and world’s most populous capital cities. Beijing is a dynamic megacity with rich history and culture. It’s a city recognized for its global influence in business, education, language, architecture, entertainment, art, music, sports, technology, and innovation. Beijing is home to some of the best IB schools offering the International Baccalaureate Curriculum in China. A foreign teacher teaching in Beijing will find many teaching opportunities at these schools while enjoying their stay in the city. Some of the best IB schools in Beijing include:

  • Keystone Academy

Keystone Academy is one of the schools in Beijing offering the International Baccalaureate program, which focuses on inquiry-based learning, creative problem solving and critical thinking in a rigorous intellectual environment. A TEFL teacher teaching English in Beijing at keystone academy will implement a program that provides students with opportunities to ask questions, take risks, develop their imaginations, and explore ideas while engaging them through rigorous studies and active learning. The learning environment is designed to promote appreciation of disciplinary expertise, knowledge and motivation to reach high academic excellence.

  • Beijing Huijia Private School

Another school that offers the IB curriculum is Beijing Huijia Private School. The school’s mission is to provide students with a high standard and quality education. Teachers teaching in Beijing Hujia School strive to provide high standard, efficient and quality education to learners to become active participants in providing solutions to the world’s challenges. Beijing Huijia school follows the education laws to provide a comprehensive learning approach. This school helps learners to develop creativity, and critical thinking, provide solutions to challenges and achieve top academic excellence.

The best IB schools in Beijing equip learners with an international mindset and help students to develop a unique set of abilities, perspectives, attitudes and skills they need to succeed at universities and in future. IB students learn more efficiently, which helps them to be more confident and enhances their chances to join some of the top ranking higher learning training institutions, colleges and universities in the world.