13 Best Technology To Take With You On Vacation



With the arrival of the summer holidays, technology becomes our best ally to fully enjoy those long-awaited days off. The following list of products will make it easier to stay connected anywhere, not lose our most precious assets along the way, leave unforgettable memories and even have our outdoor cinema session.

1. Locator keychain

One of the most common problems when returning from vacation is usually having left a personal object behind us. To avoid this, there is nothing better than the location keyrings that Apple has just put on everyone’s lips. Indeed, AirTags ($ 35) allows you to find paired objects such as keys, bags, suitcases, or umbrellas. Just access the ‘Find’ application on your iPhone and get the location on a map. Some alternatives are ‘Tile’ (compatible with all smartphone brands) and ‘Galaxy Smart Tag’, designed to work with Samsung terminals.

2. Monitoring bracelet

Vacations are indeed for resting copious meals to the bartola but, precisely for that reason, it is advisable to dedicate at least thirty minutes a day to physical activity. Monitoring wristbands are an excellent option to motivate ourselves and keep track of the steps taken on our tourist trips. One of the most popular is Xiaomi’s Mi Band 6 ($ 44.99), with 30 training modes, blood oxygen level measurement, and even sleep quality and time tracking.

3. Charger for car cigarette lighter

The classic among classics, this accessory is essential for vehicles with a lot of summers behind them. If we are looking for a reliable and inexpensive device, Amazon Basics offers two 24-watt USB ports (ideal for charging two mobile phones simultaneously) for 9.99 dollars.

4. E-book reader

The picture is repeated from one year to the next: deckchairs by the beach or the sea occupied by vacationers absorbed in reading. Although paper book lovers are still the majority, many decide to relieve luggage by resorting to an ‘eReader’. These e-book readers allow you to store entire libraries in as little space as possible, make reading in full sun easier, and are less eye strain than their older sisters (electronic tablets). The famous Kindle, with a 6-inch screen and front light, is currently reduced to 69.99 dollars.

5. 4G router

Rural destinations will once again be among the favorites around this time. Unfortunately, not all of them have sufficient network coverage, which can make things difficult for those who need to scan email or simply keep in touch with loved ones who have been ‘grounded’. 4G routers are an excellent option: just insert a SIM card to create a WiFi network that the whole family can benefit from. For 49.99 dollars, the 4G LTE model of tp-link is wireless, easy to configure, and allows up to 10 devices connected simultaneously.

6. USB thief

Today it is difficult to find a single device that cannot be charged via USB. Hence the importance of having, no longer with the typical power strip in our vacation destination, but with a thief provided with the more USB ports the better. In the market, we can find both adapters and hybrid power strips (Belkin offers 4 power outlets and 2 USB ports for 29.99 dollars).

7. Electronic tablet

Packing an electronic tablet is always more convenient than carrying a heavy laptop. In addition to keeping children entertained during car journeys, it allows us to solve professional emergencies and even enjoy streaming content from the bed or the sofa, where we do not have a television. One of the more convenient models is Huawei’s MatePad T10s ($ 159), with a 10.1-inch screen, dual stereo speakers, and a 5,100 mAh battery.

7. Bluetooth speaker

To enjoy music anywhere, be it the beach or the mountain chalet, Bluetooth speakers are the ideal option. There are all sizes, prices, and qualities, but we opted for the JBL GO 2 ($ 34.99): it is very compact, resistant to water, and allows up to 5 hours of high fidelity playback. It also has an audio input and hands-free function.

8. Wireless headphones

And if we prefer to isolate ourselves from the environment, nothing better than wireless headphones with noise cancellation. The kings of the market are the AirPods Pro (279 dollars), but we also find proposals from it and other manufacturers much cheaper, without insulation but with an exceptional sound and just as competent in autonomy.

9. Extreme battery

If you have to keep only one of the items listed here, let it be with an external battery to carry in your pants or bag. And is that mobile phones can barely last a full day if we are away from home, something of the most common during the summer holidays. Another more practical option is the smartphone cases with a built-in battery (there are all models and capacities, although it is better to choose one that doubles the mAh of the battery integrated into our terminal).

10. Compact projector

What if we organize an outdoor cinema session? A smooth surface is enough (any sheet will do) and one of the many compact projectors available on the market. The Vic Tech 1080p offers a bright image of up to 250 inches and multiple connection options: WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB … It is available for 109.99 dollars.

11. Sports camera

Extreme sports continue to gain adherents summer after summer, although some think that this – risk – is not worth it if it is not immortalized. Set to show off with friends, let’s seek the sharpest and most stable image possible with the market leader: the GoPro Hero7 Silver records at 4K resolution, is waterproof to 10 meters, and has a moderate price for its range (219 dollars).

12. Drone

take some take advantage of contact with nature to dust off their drone since its use in the middle of the city is more than restricted. Obtaining spectacular in-flight images requires a lot of practice and models like the DJI Mavic Mini, light, with a range of up to 2 kilometers and a range of half an hour. It sells for 349 dollars.

13. Portable console

Much has happened since the mythical Game Boy, a machine that accompanied young and old on summer journeys. The same manufacturer continued to evolve the concept to materialize a hybrid console: Nintendo Switch (329 dollars) allows you to play by connecting the machine to the television or in portable mode, being able to uncouple both controls to play family games, no matter where we are. An exclusively portable model (Nintendo Switch Lite) is also sold for 199 dollars.


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