Digital Cameras & Digital Camera Kits

Digital Cameras & Digital Camera Kits

Digital Cameras & Digital Camera Kits

An image that captures various scenes of life and records memories. With the proliferation of cell phones and cameras, it has become more common than ever. Recently, the name of the camera girl has been named, and I often see young women carrying large SLR cameras. Cameras are said to resemble more expensive hobbies, but digital cameras allow you to view photos immediately after shooting and are less expensive to print. The cameras themselves are now being purchased from major home electronics retailers and specialty stores. Fathers and mothers who want to record the growth of their child, and those who are interested in the world of cameras even if they are not intentional. We have compiled an article with digital camera material that we would like such people to see.

Features of digital cameras

Recently, digital cameras have become increasingly popular. Unlike film cameras, digital cameras have a CCD (compatible charging device) matrix that contains a matrix of visual cues. Each element was charged according to the size of the part of the image we fell into, and then converted to a digital RGB value.

The image size of digital cameras is determined by the matrix ratio. The size of the CCD sensor can vary from camera to camera, so, for convenience, the lens shows the true focal length and focal length equal to the same magnification of the film’s cameras. For example, if the size of the matrix is ​​3.5×2.4 mm, and the focal length of the lens, then the equivalent length of a standard film camera (35×24 mm) will be.

The adjustment of digital camera images mainly does not depend on the lens, but on the matrix, because the resolution of the used CCDs is very small in lens resolution.

Matrix adjustment is determined by the number of objects, which are usually expressed in millions of pixels (megapixels). Typically 3 million metric pixels with a size of 2048×1536 pixels, matrices of 2 million pixels – 1600×1200 pixels. To determine the resolution at which a digital image can be printed on paper, divide the number of pixels by the size of the print. For example, if the value of the items is 1600×1200, you can get a print on standard paper of 10×15 cm per resolution. By comparison, we can say that the actual standard resolution (24×36 mm) of ISO 100 color negative film is at a level of 100 lp / mm, that is, with a 10×15 cm image, the resolution be.

A feature of digital camera design is the ability to use a liquid crystal display as a viewfinder. Additionally, you can view recent photos from the LCD panel and decide which photos to keep and which ones to delete or resize. However, while the LCD viewfinder is very simple, it can quickly deplete batteries, which is why many digital cameras also have a traditional viewer.

A popular feature of digital cameras is the automatic adjustment of the white balance, which allows you to compensate for color distortions caused by different light sources (sunlight, light, or fluorescent light). For film cameras, this adjustment is made by selecting the film, or by using compensatory filters applied to the lens.

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