6 Reasons Why Physical Therapists Should Invest in a Cold Therapy Unit

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

A cold therapy unit is a medical device that applies localized cold therapy to specific parts of the body. This device uses wraps or pads to adhere to targeted body parts, as chilled water or a cooling agent, such as crushed ice or liquid nitrogen, travels through tubes from a cooler, delivering consistent cold temperatures to the affected areas.

Among the arsenal of medical devices available to physical therapists, cold therapy units have proved to be effective when it comes to relieving localized pain and boosting muscle recovery. If you have not yet invested in a cold therapy unit, here are six compelling reasons why you should invest in one.

1. Faster Recovery Timelines

If you want to help your patients recover from their injuries faster, investing in a cold therapy unit like the Game Ready ice machine can help you do just that. A cold therapy unit quickens recovery timelines by reducing swelling and inflammation that hinder healing. Additionally, a cold therapy unit helps remove lactate from the body, diminishing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) for faster recovery after high-intensity exercise.

2. Less Pain Medication

If you want to help your patients cut or eliminate the side effects of pain medication, a cold therapy unit is the way to go. A cold therapy unit, such as the Game Ready ice machine, relieves pain by numbing nerve endings in your patients’ bodies. This temporarily slows down the speed at which your patients’ bodies and brains communicate, resulting in less pain. The less pain your patients feel, the less likely they are to rely on medication.

3. Portability And Convenience

Patients find it challenging to apply ice packs, especially on areas such as their shoulders or knees. Moreover, controlling the temperature of an ice pack can be tricky since ice melts quickly. With a cold therapy unit like the Game Ready ice machine, you can deliver constant cold temperatures to the affected areas because cooling agents are circulated throughout the device. In addition, cold therapy units are portable so that you can carry them to different appointments.

4. Versatility In Treatment

A cold therapy unit enables you to provide various treatment options. Whether you have patients that need help alleviating chronic conditions (like arthritis), managing pain in acute injuries (like broken bones), or reducing swelling after surgery – a cold therapy unit can be used in different clinical settings, allowing you to address the varying needs of your patients.

5. Increased Patient Comfort

A cold therapy unit like the Game Ready ice machine provides patients with a non-invasive treatment experience. It does not involve invasive procedures or surgical incisions; instead, it involves the application of cold temperatures to the affected area to provide therapeutic benefits with no clinical downtime.

6. Time And Resource Efficiency

Investing in a cold therapy unit, such as the Game Ready ice machine, can enhance the efficiency of your practice. Cold therapy units are easy to use, allowing you to quickly and conveniently administer treatment. Not only does this save time, but it also increases patient throughput and improves resource allocation within your practice.

Unlock The Power Of Cold Therapy With The Game Ready Ice Machine

As you can see, investing in a cold therapy unit allows you to enjoy numerous benefits. If you have not yet incorporated this device, do so today and help your patients, as well as your practice, achieve optimal treatment outcomes.