Emotions & Social Media – How to Combine the Two?

Social Media

Social Media

The experts in the digital education of the Empantallados portal have it very clear. To the question of how emotions should be managed on social networks, they respond with a blunt: “do on the internet what you would do in real life.” Before publishing anything, we must ask ourselves a question: would we say it to his face? What’s more, would we like them to tell us? “, they pose. Following this maxim, Empantallados proposes five recommendations designed especially for minors, “but that we should all put into practice” before hitting the button.

Don’t get carried away by the first impulse

Don’t post, comment, or send the first thing that comes to mind. It doesn’t matter how angry or happy you are. If you post without thinking, you may later regret it. And what happens on the net stays on the net. Measure your emotions as you do on a day-to-day basis. Process the feelings, let them settle, and then act. In this case, publish.

Take care of your words and emojis

Keep in mind that non-verbal language tends to disappear in online conversations, which can lead to misunderstandings. A gesture in a live conversation can help you interpret many things, as well as the tone of voice. Try to write as clearly as possible and use emojis (they are very expressive). If it is something important, a call or an audio note always says much more than a written message.

It is impossible to like everyone

Not everyone can like you on social media, so don’t be upset if you ever have negative comments or opinions against you. Only consider constructive opinions that help you improve.

Do not enter the rag to the ‘trolls’

It is inevitable to run into ‘trolls’, especially in open social networks, in forums, or in the profiles of public figures. But do not fall for their game and get into the rag. What they want is to attract attention with their abusive comments, so ignoring or reporting them is the best thing you can do.

Forget about the number of likes

There are times when a post that you consider wonderful has hardly any likes. Nothing happens. It may also be due to the algorithms with which the main social networks work, which show the publications randomly. And on the contrary: Other times there are publications with many likes just for commitment or because it is very easy to give an icon and in reality, they do not mean anything.

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